Apple's Time Capsule is a great device designed to make it easy to back up your Mac wirelessly. It's become increasingly popular in recent years as more people move to using Apple laptops.

What many Time Capsule owners don't realise is that the Time Capsule is fantastic for creating a wireless AirPort Printer. Any printer that you own with a USB connection can be transformed into a wireless AirPrint device by running it through a Time Capsule (or AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express device).

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Connecting your printer to an AirPort Time Capsule

Connecting your printer to an AirPort Time Capsule

Apple advises that you update OS X before setting up a wireless printer. This is because OS X has software for each printer included in new updates. Choose Apple menu > App Store and click Updates, then Update All to ensure all your software is up-to-date.

Now make sure your printer is set up correctly and that you have printer toner and paper installed. It's usually best to connect the printer directly to the USB connection on your Mac and printing a test page (File > Print) from a document first. Make sure the printer can print directly from your Mac before getting it to print remotely.

If your Time Capsule is new, it's best to connect the printer to the Time Capsule before running through the Time Capsule setup process (this is performed using AirPort Utility).

Follow these steps to run your printer through an AirPort Time Capsule:

  1. If your printer has an Ethernet port, use an Ethernet cable to connect it to a spare Ethernet port on your Time Capsule.
  2. If your printer does not have an Ethernet port, connect it using a USB cable to the USB port on the printer.
  3. Open a document and choose File > Print.
  4. From the Printer drop-down menu, choose Add Printer.
  5. Choose the printer from the list. Check that Use is set to AirPrint and click Add.

Now choose File > Print and Print to print any document wirelessly.

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