Is it possible to stream Super Bowl 50 live from the UK? I'd like to watch it on my iPad.

If you're looking to watch Super Bowl 50 on Sunday 7th Feb 2016 from the UK, there are plenty of viewing options. In this article we explain how to live-stream coverage of the American football showpiece on an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV.

How to watch Super Bowl 50 from the UK: Schedule and kickoff time

2016's Superbowl 50 kicks off at 11.30pm UK time on Sunday 7th February 2016; obviously there will be plenty of pre-match hooplah and build-up which you may or may not wish to experience.

The game, incidentally, will be held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, which ordinarily plays host to the San Francisco 49ers - favoured team of Macworld's two resident American football fans. But they haven't made the Super Bowl this year. It will instead be contested between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

How to watch Super Bowl 2016 on iPhone or iPad in the UK

The great news is that Super Bowl 50 will be streamed live on BBC iPlayer. (Indeed, the Beeb have got British coverage rights for the game on TV, so tune into BBC 2 at 11.30pm if you are near a telly.)

Download the iPlayer app on your iPad or iPhone, start it up and select BBC 2 at the appropriate time.

How to watch Super Bowl 50 on iPad or iPhone

It will stream the game normally in the UK, but there will of course be the usual issues if you're a UK licence payer but happen to be abroad at the time. This is because of geo-fencing limitations. It's possible to stream iPlayer programming from abroad if you use a VPN, but that's another story.

If you don't fancy staying up late (the Super Bowl generally lasts around 4 hours, including a 30-minute 'half time show', so you won't get to bed until well past 3am), you should be able to download the game on Monday morning: go to Menu, Categories, Sport or use the Search icon at the top-right.

How to watch in the US

We assume that a large proportion of our US readers will be enjoying the game live on TV, but any who wish to watch from an iPad should download the NBC Sports Live Extra app to watch the live stream. No cable login is required.

The NFL Mobile app will have a live stream of the Super Bowl for Verizon Wireless iPhone users. But if you don't have a "More Everything" shared data plan, you'll need to sign up for a $5 monthly fee. The best bet for non-Verizon customers is to set up a mobile hotspot on the iPhone and use this to stream the game on a tablet or laptop.

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How to watch Super Bowl 2016 on Apple TV

This depends if you've got the old third-gen Apple TV or the new Apple TV. (If you want to know more about the differences between the two, see New Apple TV vs old Apple TV comparison review.)

How to watch Super Bowl 50 on Apple TV

if you've got the new Apple TV, simply use the iPlayer app. Same as on the iPad: stream BBC 2 live at 11.30pm and enjoy the game.

The older Apple TV model doesn't have an iPlayer app but if you've got an iPad or an iPhone the you're still okay. Start watching the game on the mobile device in iPlayer, then tap the 'sharing' icon at the bottom left - the rectangle with an arrow going into it. This will show your AirPlay options. Choose to AirPlay the stream to your Apple TV.

If you use the latter option, remember to plug in your iPad or iPhone so you don't run out of battery at a crucial juncture in the game, and disable screen lock.

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