Changing a contact photo on your iPhone is a simple task – here we show you how to do this manually with pictures stored on your phone or connecting your Facebook and Twitter apps with the Contacts app on your iPhone.

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Facebook and Twitter are able to synchronise with your iPhone, and are one of the few social networks you can sign in to from the Settings menu of your device. 

This gives the apps access to update your contacts with information from the social media profiles, including photos.

But this won't be for everyone; people may want more control over their privacy within iOS.

Make sure you're okay with the app accessing your personal information before you choose to update contacts - you can see what we to say on how to protect your privacy.

How to update contact photos on iPhone: Manually 

Here's how to change a contact photo on your iPhone manually by choosing an existing photo or to taking one yourself. 

Open up Contacts and choose the contact you wish to update.

Tap Edit in the right-hand corner.

Tap Edit under the photo icon in the left-hand corner.

iPhone contact photos

A menu will pop-up where you can choose to Take Photo, Choose Photo, Edit Photo or Delete Photo.

iPhone contact photos

Now choose one of those options to update the contact photo for that person.

How to update contact photos on iPhone: Facebook

To update your contacts' usernames and photos automatically through syncing Facebook head to your phone settings. 

Bear in mind this will only update the friends in your contacts list who you also have on Facebook.

Scroll down to the list of your social media apps and tap Facebook.

You need to allow the app to use your account. Make sure the toggle is turned on. 

iPhone photo contacts

Scroll down and tap Update All Contacts.

iPhone photo contacts

Photos and usernames will automatically be updated.

Allowing the app to update your contacts will temporarily provide the app with email addresses and phone numbers from your contacts to update photos and usernames for all matching contacts.

You can choose to not allow apps access to your contacts by finding Facebook under your phone settings, and tapping on the Facebook Settings. 

Slide the toggle to off. 

How to update contact photos on iPhone: Twitter

To update your contacts' usernames and photos automatically through syncing Twitter to your contacts list, head to your iPhone Settings. 

Open Twitter.

Tap Update Contacts.

You can also stop Twitter accessing your account by turning the toggle off at the bottom at any time.