Apple's iPhone 5s has the new Burst Mode camera feature, which lets users take up to 10 photos per second to get the perfect shot. Ideal for moving subjects, the Burst Mode tool can come in really handy for iPhone photographers. Here's how to use Burst Mode on iPhone 5s.

First, you'll need to launch the Camera app on your iPhone 5s. Burst Mode only works when you're using the Photo or Square setting, so swipe left or right to get to one of those settings if necessary.

Once you've framed your shot around your subject, tap and hold the shutter button at the bottom of the screen (or hold the volume up button on the side of your iPhone).

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As you hold the button, you'll see a counter at the bottom of the screen. This counter indicates the number of photos you've taken in quick succession. You can take up to 999 photos in this mode at a speed of 10 photos per second.

Thankfully, any photos captured in Burst Mode will be bundled together into a single thumbnail in your Camera Roll, so they won't take over your entire photo library.

These bundles can be identified within your Camera Roll by a small icon, followed by the word 'Burst' and the number of photos in brackets.

Click Choose Favourites at the bottom of the screen while viewing a Burst Mode bundle in your Camera Roll, and you'll be taken to a new screen that'll let you pick and choose which photos you like the best out of all of the photos captured in that Burst.

How to delete Burst Mode photos on iPhone 5s

Having these Burst bundles in your Camera roll can quickly use up the memory on your iPhone, though. Thankfully, with the iOS 7.0.2 update, Apple made it easier to delete photos from the Burst bundle while keeping the selected favourites.

You should notice that, when you select one or more favourites and tap 'Done', you'll be asked to decide whether to 'Keep Everything' or 'Keep Only 1 Favourite'.

Tapping 'Keep Everything' will leave all the images from the Burst Bundle on your iPhone, but tapping 'Keep Only 1 Favourite' (this number will change depending on how many favourites you've selected) will delete all the unselected photos.

Tap one of these bundles to view the individual shots, then tap Choose Favourites at the bottom of the screen. You'll be prompted to pick which photos you like best from the collection.

iOS 7 will have already selected the photo it believes to be the best, but you don't have to agree with its choices. You can scroll through the photos at the bottom of the screen to choose a new favourite, or choose additional favourites from the batch.

When you have finished, tap Done and choose to Keep Everything or Keep only x favourites. The rest will be deleted.

If you have more than one favourite from a particular set they will each appear individually in your Camera Roll, allowing you to then share or edit those images.

Does Burst Mode work on iPhone 5c?

Burst Mode is only available on the iPhone 5s. You may notice that, with iOS 7, other iPhones can take photos significantly faster than they could in iOS 6, but they're not quite as speedy as the iPhone 5s and the photos won't be bundled in your Camera Roll.

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