Almost a year after the initial reveal of Fortnite on iOS, Epic Games has announced controller support for mobile players across iOS and Android. It’s certainly not the first game to take advantage of MFI controllers for iOS but it’s welcome news for fans, as it has been much requested by mobile players who are used to controllers and can’t quite get used to touch input.

The Fortnite update that includes controller support is now live across mobile devices, and here, we explain how to use a controller with Fortnite on iOS along with how to customise your controller layout to get an edge in online gameplay.

Setting up a controller for Fortnite on iPhone

The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to set up a controller for use with Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad. There is a catch though; unlike with the Android variant of Fortnite that is compatible with just about any Bluetooth controller, Fortnite for iOS is limited to MFI controllers.

If you’re a seasoned iOS gamer you’ll already have one ready to go, but for those who are new to the world of MFI controllers, take a look at the best MFI controllers for iPhone and iPad for inspiration. We’d recommend the £49.95/$49.95 SteelSeries Nimbus, a solid MFI controller that offers 40 hours of battery life and a Lightning port for charging.

Once you’ve got your MFI controller ready and connected to your iPhone or iPad, the next step is to make sure the Fortnite app is up-to-date. Controller support was added in version 7.30.2, which was released on 2 February 2019, so make sure you’ve got that (or any later update) installed.

Then you simply open the Fortnite app and get ready to game with a controller. Fortnite should automatically recognise the MFI controller that is connected, and will provide on-screen icons to indicate which buttons correspond to which actions.

Changing your controller layout

While connecting an MFI controller to your iPhone for use with Fortnite is a relatively easy process, you’ll have to do a bit of digging in the Settings menu to customise your controller layout.

To access controller layout settings:

  1. Hit the Tab icon in the top-right of the main menu in the Fortnite app, and tap the Settings cog.
  2. Next, select the Controller tab of the Settings menu.
  3. From here, you can see the current layout across both Combat and Build modes. If you want to switch to a different preset, select it from the list of Controller Configurations in the bottom-left of the app.
  4. You can also create a custom layout to get the most out of your MFI controller by tapping Custom.
  5. Once you’re happy with your controller layout, hit Apply in the bottom-right to save your settings and head back to the main menu.

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