If you’ve just bought yourself an iPhone X, or have started using an older model, you just can’t go wrong with an iPhone. They’re durable, fast, intuitive to use and they look great. In this guide we’ll take you through your first few steps and make sure you’re up to speed with your shiny new iPhone.

If you’ve only just taken your phone out of the box and pondering on the best way to proceed, then have a look at our guide on how to set up a new iPhone. This will go into great detail and take you through everything you need to know. And for related advice covering tablets, try How to use an iPad.

How to use your iPhone

Once it’s all been set up and your phone turns on, you will be presented with your home screen. This is the starting point from where you’ll control your phone. Here you will find all the apps currently available to you, everything from your settings and camera, to your messages and phonebook. You can browse and navigate through the apps here, and swipe right on the screen to bring up additional pages with more apps on.

You can do all sorts of things to customise your home screen, including changing the wallpaper, and generally make it your own.

How to move contacts from your old phone, to your new iPhone

If you haven’t done this already, it’s a straightforward process and saves you a whole lot of time. With a few minutes work you can move your contacts across and they will all be there ready for you to use on your new phone. Have a look at our guide on how to move contacts across from your old phone.

How to move your data over from your old phone

If you were using an iPhone before then you’ll just need to back up your old phone onto the iCloud, and then download that save onto your new phone and apply it. Have a look at our guide here on how to get that cracked.

If your previous phone was an Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry then using Google Drive to transfer your data and apps across would be the best option.

How to create an Apple ID

If this is your first time using an Apple product, then you’re going to need an Apple ID to join the party. You’ll need to use this to access the vast majority of the services that Apple provides, including the App Store and the iCloud. Have a look at our guide to creating an Apple ID.

Keep your iPhone safe with a case

While iPhones are sturdy and very well made, they're not going to like being dropped from a few feet high onto a pavement. We've all done this before, lets face it, so buying a case for your pretty new phone is very much recommended. We've got a round up of the best looking iPhone cases going, and if you'd like to be extra conscious about your phone's safety, then have a look at our safest iPhone cases too.

The iPhone is filled with useful little features that you’ll discover through your time using it. Have a look at our best iPhone tips & tricks if you’d like to get an advantage when using your phone.