1. There are a number of screens on the iPod nano and thanks to multitouch each screen is a finger swipe away.

2. Swipe left to right on the Home screen to reveal icons for browsing your music by Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlists, Genius Mixes, Genres, Composers and more. You'll also find icons for Photos and Settings.

3. If you prefer accessing your music by Artist or if you are particularly keen on Genius Mixes it's possible to rearrange the icons on your Home screen so things are organised just how you like.

4 The iPod nano still has Shake to Shuffle – taking you to a different song in your music library. If you are clipping it on when jogging or exercising you'll probably want to turn this feature off...

5. If you are clipping the nano onto your sleeve or waist you can rotate the screen so it's the right way round when you look at it.

6. Want to make a new playlist. There are two ways. You can tap Genius and let your iPod find other songs on your iPod nano that go together. Or you can create your own.

7. Creating your own On The Go playlist is a little different to previously. In fact we had to ask two different Apple staff to show us how and neither knew! Go to Playlists > Add.

8. Next decide if you want to add tracks that you will find by artist, or by song name, or Genre. There are more choices.

9. Tap the songs you want to add from the list. Now you have your playlist.

10. Your iPod nano also acts as an FM Radio and will show you details about the song that's playing as well as the programme you are listening too. A really great feature is Live Pause. You can stop live radio. One tap and you can pause what you are listening too, then tap again to continue where you left off. You can also rewind back 15 minutes or fast-forward to catch up to where the live broadcast is.