Saturday’s Mayweather McGregor fight is one of the biggest bouts of recent times, and even though the timing for UK viewers means you’ll be up late, it’s probably going to be worth it for the spectacle.

When does the fight start?

If you fancy staying up late, then the coverage starts at midnight in the UK. Las Vegas is eight hours behind where the action is taking place, and there are two warm up fights for you to watch before the main event.

It depends how long these take as to when Mayweather and McGregor will take to the ring.

How to watch on iPhone and iPad

There’s only one way to watch the action on your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll have to pay. Sky Box Office is showing the fight on a pay per view basis, charging £19.95 in a one off payment.

You’ll need to buy the fight, and then download the Sky Sports Box Office app to watch it on.

Click here to purchase the fight

Once bought, you will be able to watch the fight via the app on iPhone or iPad.

Download the app for free for iPhone or iPad here

That's it!