You've just bought yourself a new iPhone (or iPad). You start it up, go through all the processes of setting your phone up and you're finally free to use it, but there's one problem: you don't know how to install apps.

There are all these icons with pictures and logos but you don't know which one to use to get your favourite apps on the device. But don't worry! In this simple tutorial we will show you how to install any apps you need on your iPhone or iPad in a few easy steps.

Open the App Store

The installation of new applications on your iDevice is done via the App Store which has well over a million choices covering banking, ordering food, games and much more.

The App Store icon is the blue logo with three lines making an capital A. Tap this to open it up. With its app recommendations, app of the day and so on, the store can be daunting for newcomers, but we'll show how easy it is to use.

How to install an app on iPhone or iPad: Open the App Stor

Find the app you want

There is a lot of choice on the App Store, and the first problem is finding the app you want.

Tap through the tabs at the bottom of the screen for different ways of browsing. Apple's own recommendations fall in the Today page, or you can look at games or apps that have new updates available.

There's also a search tab, which is the best way to find a specific app. Type in the name and tap enter, and you'll be taken to a results page - but the chances are good that there will more than one choice. How do you know which app is the right one?

How to install an app on iPhone or iPad: Find the app you want

Which is the right app?

The names and screenshots may indicate which app is right for you (does it look like the software you've seen elsewhere? Is the name exactly right?) but often the biggest giveaway is the name of the developer listed beneath the title.

It's sadly common for copycats to deliberately deceive users into downloading their apps by mistake. Check the developer's website to see that all is legitimate.

You should also tap the app to go through to a page with more details.

How to install an app on iPhone or iPad: Which app to choose?

Install the app

On the app's page, tap the price (or the word 'Get') to install the app. You will need to enter your password or tap your finger on the Home button if you've got Touch ID and have set it up. (It's possible to bypass this step for free apps.)

How to install an app on iPhone or iPad

The app will start installing and will appear in the first available slot on your screen. You can start it up immediately by tapping Open from the App Store.