More iOS 7 hints, tips and tricks

11. Use Burst Mode

Compact and SLR cameras usually offer a continuous shooting mode so that you can take a series of shots in quick succession. This is perfect at a sport event, or when you are want to get the perfect snap of a baby or a cat that keeps moving. In iOS 7 you can shoot in Burst Mode. The phone will take photos in quick succession and you can pick the one you like the best. Open the Camera, and just tap and hold the shutter button.

There's also a more advanced Burst Mode that's only available on the iPhone 5s. Here the iPhone will take up to 10 pictures a second and save the non-blurry pictures to your camera roll.

12. Take a still while videoing

Another new feature in the Camera in iOS 7 for iPhone 5s is the ability to take still photos while shooting. As soon as you start shooting video a white button will appear on the screen, tap that to take still photographs. These photographs are taken using the full screen, so they have the same 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio as the video you are taking, unlike the standard 4:3 aspect ratio of the photographs you take in the standard photo shooting mode. We wonder why Apple hasn't added a widescreen shot option to the Video, Photo, Square, Pano options offered by the camera.

13. Repeat an album in iOS 7

The Music app has been given a complete makeover in iOS 7, but a quick search on Google reveals many people asking what happened to the repeat album option. It’s still there, though, it is a bit of a faff to get to.

Open the Music app and tap the More tab in the bottom-right corner. Next, tap the Albums option at the top to access a list of the albums on your device. Scroll through this until you reach the one you want to listen to. Open it and you’ll be taken to a track list. Click a song and you’ll be taken to the screen below. Tap Repeat in the bottom-left corner and you’ll be shown a list of options, including Repeat Album. Tap this and you’re done.

14. Access control panel

You can quickly and easily access the control panel, or Control Centre as it's officially known, by sliding up from the bottom of your iPad or iPhone's display. From here, whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked, you can turn on/off Airplane more, WiFi, Bluetooth or Do Not Disturb.

Additionally, the Control Centre gives you access to brightness controls, music controls, the new torch feature, the timer, calculator and camera. You can also turn on or off screen rotation.

15. Turn the torch on & turn off in iOS 7

Speaking of that torch, you may know that you can trigger the flashlight by swiping up on the Control Centre and tapping the torch icon, but did you know that you can turn it off quickly without having to swipe at all?

When the torch is on you can quickly turn it off just by tapping the camera icon in the bottom right of the lock screen. 

16. Turn off parallax effect so iOS 7 doesn't make you feel sick

iOS 7's parallax effect turns the screen of your iPhone into something more: a pane of glass behind which users can see a three-dimensional world that shifts and tilts alongside the device itself. Apple's design guru, British born Jonathan Ive said that he built these three dimentional transitions into iOS 7 to give it depth, but it appears that the movement is causing problems for some people. 

There is a whole thread on Apple's support forums about this very matter, some people have even been physically sick due to the transitions. Apparently some people are affected by the transitions that can induce dizziness, vomiting and vertigo-like effects. 

For most iOS 7 users the parallax effect is a fun feature that makes your choice of wallpaper in the background of your iPhone's home screens move about in the background as you move your iPhone. Another feature of this parallax effect is the way that you return to the home screen after unlocking your phone - you will see the app icons appear to fly into place. 

If you don’t like the parallax effect, you can turn it off by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and tapping "Reduce Motion". You can now slide the toggle so it appears green, which means that parallax is turned off.

Another reason to turn off the parallax effect is that it can uses up battery - so by turning it off you should be able to extend the battery life of your iPhone.

17. Access extra weather information

With iOS 7, the weather app has been transformed. You'll now see subtly animated backgrounds that reflect the current weather, as well as information about weather for the rest of the day and week.

When you first open the weather app, you'll see the location, weather type (e.g sunny), the temperature, an overview of the weather for the next five hours, and weather forecasts for the next five days.

By tapping on the temperature, you can access further information including humidity, chance of rain, wind and what temperature it feels like depending on those factors.

By sliding the area showing the day's weather, you can see how the weather will change throughout the day. Slide left or right elsewhere in the app to see other locations.

18. See your calendar appointments for today, the week, the month

When you first open the Calendars app in iOS 7, you should see your appointments for the day. You can scroll up and down to see what you should be up to.

If you want to see the rest of your week's appointments, you can tap the date in the bar at the top to swap between days. Slide that bar to see further back or further ahead.

To see the whole month, you can tap the month in the top left corner. You'll say a grey dot beneath the date if you've got an appointment on that day.

If you turn your device to landscape orientation, you can see a new view of your appointments. This shows you three or four days worth of appointments, depending on the size of your display. Scroll up and down to see appointments that are earlier or later in the day.

Another way to see your appointments is to tap the search button, which looks like a little magnifying glass. Here, you can search for a particular appointment or scroll through an easy to read list and endless of appointments.

19. Share some photos

Photos in iOS 7 are now sorted into Moments. This makes sharing groups of photos easier. Simply go to that Moment and tap the blue Share button. You'll then have the option to share this moment or share some photos.

Sharing a moment will allow you to send all of the photographs in that moment to a friend. If there are just a few photos in that moment, you can share via a message, email, iCloud, Facebook or Flickr. You can also copy or print from here.

If you've got lots of photographs or video to share, you'll only get the option to send via a message or iCloud, and you won't be able to print (as printing video could prove to be a little tricky).

To pick and choose photographs, tap the Share button and then select the items you want to share.

If you're using a newer iPhone such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, you'll also have the AirDrop option here. See more about AirDrop in step one.

20. Set up Photo Stream

Photo Stream allows you to automatically upload new photographs to iCloud as you take them. This means that your photos will be automatically synced to all of your other iCloud devices when you're connected to WiFi.

To turn on Photo Stream, all you'll need to do is go to Settings > Photos & Camera and slide the My Photo Stream button to green.

Now, when you take photographs, you'll see them in the Albums tab in the My Photo Stream album.

You can set up Shared Photo Streams with other users by tapping Shared in the Photos app, and then tapping the plus button. You can name your new stream and then add the contacts that you'd like to share the stream with. Now, whenever you take a new photograph, you can share it with friends via the Shared Photo Stream, by tapping the plus button and choosing a photo.

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