21. Edit a photo

If you've taken a photograph that you're happy with but haven't applied any edits yet, you can do this through Apple's new Photos app.

Go to the photo you want to edit and then tap the Edit button in the top right corner. You'll be taken to the edit screen where you can rotate an image, auto enhance it, add one of Apple's eight new filters, get rid of red-eye or crop using the tools in the bar along the bottom.

What's good about Apple's photo editing tools is that, even if you've saved your edit, you can go back into edit mode on that photograph and revert it back to the original image.

22. Take a panorama 

To take a Panorama photograph, go to the Camera app and swipe left in the centre of your iPhone's display until you get to Pano. Now, all you need to do is tap the shutter button and move your phone in the direction of the arrow until you either fill up the bar or press the shutter button again. Using this feature, you'll capture a long, narrow Panorama image.

23. Take a square shot 

Taking a square photograph in iOS 7 is easy. All you need to do is open the Camera app and swipe left once to get to the Square mode. Tap the shutter button and you've taken a square shot.

24. Share a location in Maps using AirDrop

If you're about to head out somewhere and want to share the location with someone who'll be joining you later, you can do this through AirDrop. If you both have AirDrop turned on, you can go to the Maps app, tap the share button and then tap the person you want to share with. If you can't see any friends in the AirDrop option, ask them to open Control Centre and turn it on.

25. Delete a note 

If you've got a note in your Notes app that you'd like to delete, simply swiped left over that note and tap the red delete button that appears.

From within a note, you can tap the trash can icon at the middle of the bottom toolbar to delete that note.

26. Turn off badges in Notification Centre

If you, like us, are not so keen on the bright red badges that appear on your app icons if you've got an update or new message, for example, they you might be pleased to hear that there is a way to turn them off.

If you'd like to turn off badges in Nonfiction Centre you can do so by going to Settings > Notification Centre.

You'll need to go into individual apps to turn off badges. For example, if you want to turn off Messages badges, you can scroll down and tap Messages, and then use the Badge App Icon slider to turn them off.

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27. Search

To search your iPad or iPhone, slide down from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad other than the very top (which will show Notifications Centre) or bottom (Control Centre) of the device.

Now you'll be able to type your search into your device. You can search for apps, contacts, music, mail, notes and more.

You can also use the same swipe gesture to search within apps such as the Notes app and the Mail app.

28. Turn off location services to save battery 

Leaving location services turned on can drain your battery significantly faster than if you turn it off. If you're not using Maps or an app that requires your location, you can turn location services off.

To do this, you'll need to go to Settings > Privacy and tap Location Services. From here, you can toggle the feature on or off.

You can turn off Location Services for individual apps too.

39. Swipe to next page in Safari

You can swipe between pages in Safari in iOS 7. If you want to go page to the page you were on previously, just swipe your finger left. To go forwards, swipe right.

30. Turn off background app refresh

As mentioned, thanks to the new multitasking feature in iOS 7, you can have your iPhone or iPad refresh your apps in the background ready for when you want to use them. However, this could cause an increase in data usage and a battery life decrease, so you might want to turn it off.

To turn off background app refresh, go to Settings > General and then slide Background App Refresh to off.

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