41. Find popular apps near you

Popular Near Me

iOS 7 offers the ability to find and download apps that are popular in your current location. For example, with the Macworld UK offices being situated near King's Cross, the 'Popular Near Me' tab shows the Eurostar app and maps of London.

To access 'Popular Near Me', open the App Store and tap 'Near Me'. You'll need to have location services turned on.

42. Share a page in Safari

Safari Sharing iOS 7

If you come across something you'd like to share in Safari, you can do by tapping the share icon at the bottom of the screen. You'll need to scroll to the very top or the very bottom of the page to see the navigation and tool bar appear (which is where you'll find the share button).

From here, you can share in a message, email, Tweet or Facebook status.

43. Turn off Control Centre

Talking of Control Centre, if you find it gets in the way while you're using an app, you can turn it off by going to Settings > Control Centre. From here you can turn off access to the Control Centre from the Lock Screen and from within apps by tapping the green slider.

44. Use gestures within Messages app

iOS 7 gestures

Rather than tapping the back button in Messages, you can now swipe from left to right to return to all Messages.

45. Stop iPhone or iPad from recording locations

Frequent Locations iOS 7

If you have Location Services enabled, chances are you've also got Frequent Locations enabled, too. If that's the case, your iPad or iPhone has been recording where you've been in order to cache information about what's nearby, and help improve Maps.

To see what we mean, go to Privacy > Location Services and then scroll right down to the bottom of the list to System Services > Frequent Locations. You'll now be able to see your recent history (you can clear that history if you choose).

Tap each location and you'll see that your device knows exactly where you've been. To turn this off, you can tap the green slider next to Frequent Locations.

46. See shared links in Safari

Shared Links Safari

Apple has added a new 'Shared Links' feature to Safari. It looks at your Twitter feed and bring up a list of links, and the person who shared that link, within Safari, so you can take a look at them.

To see 'Shared Links', tap the book icon in the toolbar at the bottom and then tap the @ symbol.

47. Trim voice memos

You can now trim a voice memo in Apple's Voice Memo app. To do so, open the Voice Memos app then tap on the recording you want to edit. Now tap 'Edit', and then the blue square icon on the right of the display just above the play button. There will now be two red lines at either end of the recording. Move them to adjust the length of your clip.

48. Skip to last Christmas photos

The new Photos app means your photographs are sorted a little differently in iOS 7 to the way they were in iOS 6.

Now, if you want to find photographs that were taken last December for example, you can go to Photos and then tap Years.  Then tap the photographs at the bottom of the '2012' group. You'll be taken to the photographs that were taken latest in the year, which will probably be your Christmas photos.

49. Create a custom vibration

Hidden inside the Sounds menu in Settings is a Create New Vibration option that lets you make a custom vibration if you don't like the standard Apple one. To do this, go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtones > Vibration > Create New Vibration. Now tap in the pattern that you want the vibration to be. Once you're happy, you can save the vibration and select it in the Vibration Settings menu beneath the custom header.

50. iOS 7 keyboard tricks

There are some keyboard tricks that, while previously present in iOS 6, some iOS 7 users still aren't aware of (and it's because they're not obvious at all!).

You can double tap the space bar while typing to end a sentence with a full stop and get an automatic space ready for you to start your next sentence. Double tapping the Shift key will leave Caps Lock on and holding down the numbers keyboard key ('123') and choosing a number without letting go will mean you'll revert back to the letters keyboard when you've picked the character you want.

If there is a certain punctuation mark or symbol that you can't find on Apple's keyboard, try tapping and holding on similar marks and you'll probably find it's hidden in the pop up menus.

Not everything about the iOS 7 keyboard is so great, though, particularly in iOS 7.1.

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