iOS has the reputation for having a much simpler-to-use interface than Android or Windows Phone – and the new iOS 7 aims to make things even easier – but that doesn't mean it doesn't sometimes stump us. Since we all downloaded it last night, there have been five things that we knew how to do in iOS6 – but stumped us in iOS 7.

Luckily, by pooling our knowledge as Apple experts – and sharing the things we'd discovered at random – we all found the solutions to our frustrations and could go about our days. So here we're passing this information onto you, because chances are you've been tearing your hair out about one of these too.

How to close apps in iOS 7

Double-pressing the Home button is still the key to closing apps in iOS7 to save memory – as well as quickly swapping between open apps. The design of the carousel of apps has changed though. In iOS 6 it sat at the bottom of the screen and you held down on one of the icons to make crosses appear at the top left of each icon. Pressing the cross closed the app.

In iOS 7, the carousel takes up the whole screen so you can see what you've been doing in each app – presumably so you don't inadvertently close anything without saving.

There are no crosses in iOS 7 though – holding down on each icon frustratingly doe nothing. To close each app, you need to swipe upwards on the app preview (not the icon though). This is one of those situations where Apple would have lost nothing by keeping the old behaviour beyond puzzled looks from its users.

Neil Bennett

How to search in iOS 7

In iOS 6, the Spotlight search tool was found by going to the first home screen and swiping left. In iOS 7, you swipe down.

The idea is that you can access Spotlight from any of the home screens – and you avoid inadvertently swiping onto it when traversing your many home screens for all you apps (which admittedly I did a lot).

So changing it makes sense – unless you're not aware of where it us.

James Arnold

How to use Photos in iOS 7

Basically, instead of the Camera Roll grid showing all photos, Photos now defaults to 'Moments'. Moments has a tile only for every occasion on which you took photos, so it took me a few minutes to work out where all of my photos where.

On closer inspection Photos are also arranged into 'Collections' and 'Years'. That in itself takes a bit of getting used to - I can see that it would improve my photo browsing, however.

The really tricky thing is getting back from a view that shows only 'Years' to the view with 'Collections' and 'Moments'. For that, it turns out, you have to double tap on either a 'Year' or a 'Collection'. But that took some finding out.

Matt Egan

How to use the Camera app in iOS7

Trying to switch between different camera modes in the new Camera app initially proved confusing; nay impossible. Until someone pointed out to me that you no longer dab the Camera, Video or Square buttons to select between the stills, filming and retro square photo modes. Instead you must *slide* your finger along the choices to select...

Andrew Harrison

How to use the Lock Screen in iOS 7

Having spent four hours attempting to download iOS 7 when I eventually got to the 'Slide to Set Up' screen I spent ages sliding the wrong way and thinking it didn't work.

The only indication that the swipe needs to be from left to right in iOS 7 is the > beside the slide related wording where previously there was a block of text and a clearly defined arrow.  

Karen Haslam