Here's how to capture great photos on the iPhone 5s using iOS 7’s new Camera app.

  • Discover how to use the iOS 7 Camera app on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

  • Learn how to use iOS 7 Effects and the new Square mode

  • Control the new Dual-LED Flash and HDR modes to take amazing photographs

iOS 7 Camera app

The new iPhone 5s has an amazing camera with a Dual-LED flash for better low light performance. Add to this the all new Camera app in iOS 7 and you have the  perfect tool for capturing life’s special moments.

It used to be that a mobile phone’s camera was good enough for a few snaps when the quality of the picture wasn’t all that important, but with the iPhone 5s the image quality is just as good as some more expensive compact cameras, and it’s pushing a fair few digital SLRs for picture quality as well.

Using the iPhone 5s as a camera needn’t mean you have to make any compromises though, as the its hardware and software combine perfectly to help you get the best shot in any situation.

Getting to grips with the camera app is easy, and getting quick shots is quite simple. You can, however, take your photography to the next level and get really impressive pictures from the iPhone without much effort at all.

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Apple’s Dan Riccio explains the iPhone 5s camera

Tips for taking iPhone photographs

The all new Camera app. Open the Camera app to take a shot. There are also two shortcuts worth learning: you can slide up from  the bottom-right of the display on the lock screen, or open the new Control Centre and tap the camera icon. (See iOS 7 camera review).

The new Camera app has incredibly faint buttons. This allows you to focus in on the image, but it can be a little tricky to make them all out at first. At its most basic all you have to do is line up your subject and tap the white Shutter button with the camera icon.

Tap and hold for snaps If you’re trying to capture some fast-moving action, tap and hold the shutter button. The iPhone now takes a rapid series of snaps while making a clicking noise. It’s perfect for fast-action sequences, but also great fun for impromptu model shoots with friends.

Don’t forget HDR.High Dynamic Range (HDR) images offer a much better visual range by sandwiching together three shots into one. The results can be staggeringly good. Tap HDR Off to switch it to HDR On and snap away as normal. HDR is available on most iPhones and other iOS devices, but it can take longer to snap a shot (although the iPhone 5s speed compensates for this). It places three shots in your library, and mixes them together to get the best shot.

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iOS 7 Camera

Create amazing iPhone photo effects

Try out the Visual effects. A whole range of effects have been included in iOS 7. To access them tap the Effects icon (three circles) next to the Shutter icon. There are nine different effects to choose from such as Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer and Instant (as well as Normal in the middle). These can be used to great effect when snapping shots, Process and Instant give the classic look that Instagram has made famous. (Also: How to create traditional effects in Photoshop)

Switch on the Flash. The Dual-LED flash can be set to fire as and when the camera thinks it’s necessary, or all the time. Simply tap the Flash icon and Auto,  On or Off to choose one or the other.

Flick around to take a selfie. Both of the iPhone’s cameras can be used to take self shots. For a self portrait tap on the camera icon at the top the screen. The screen will flip around and you’ll see your own face. The front iPhone Facetime camera isn’t as good as the rear iSight one, but it’s great for quick personal snaps.

Pinch to zoom. You can zoom in digitally to get a closer look before you take your shots. Simply pinch to zoom on the screen to activate the camera zoom. When you pinch a slider appears just above the Shutter that can also be used to zoom in and out. Don’t forget to tell your friends because you’ll be amazed how many people don’t know how to zoom inside the Camera app.

iOS 7 Camera Zoom   

Exposure and focus. You can still decide where the camera should concentrate its efforts to focus, and expose your image simply by tapping on the screen. The square denotes the focus and exposure zone.

Try out the Square mode. There’s a new mode in Camera called Square. Slide Your finger left anywhere on the screen to switch from Photo to Square. This can take more classic old-fashioned shots (it’s great to combine Square with a Process or Transfer effect).

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iOS 7 Panorama

Make sure you take Panoramas. In iOS 7 The Panorama mode returns in iOS 7. Slide Photo to the left (past Square) to reveal the Panorama option. Panorama enables you to create amazing wide angle shots by panning the iPhone horizontally. You hold the iPhone up vertically, and move it slowly to  the right along the panorama. and on screen arrow will guide you along. Try to keep the iPhone steady as you pan, and try to keep the arrow in the  middle of the yellow line.

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