Apple Newsstand is a unique part of the iPad that recreates the look and feel of your favourite magazines using the iPad’s display. It’s part of the regular App Store, and also a separate folder that displays individual magazine titles. In this feature, we look at how to download and read free magazines on the iPad.

Newsstand is a default app on the iPad, and you’ll find it by looking for this icon on the Home Screen.

Newsstand icon

Tap the Newsstand icon to switch to the Newsstand view, where you can see all your magazines, and also newspapers, ready to read.

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How to download new magazines using Newsstand

Newsstand folder

Newsstand magazines are apps sold through the App Store. But they are designed to live inside the Newsstand app rather than alongside regular apps on the Home Screen. Here’s how to browse for new magazines:

  1. Tap Newsstand on the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on Store in the bottom right.
  3. Use the menu items at the top to browse by category, and the More option to view more categories.
  4. Tap a magazine cover to view its details.
  5. Tap Free and Install to download the magazine (enter your Apple ID password and tap OK).

Newsstand magazines download and install in the same way as regular Apps.

Newsstand Tip! You can search for Newsstand titles from the App Store, but if you search for magazines from the Newsstand store you’ll also get apps like games and software. It’s typically easier to browse for titles by tapping Newsstand > Store than using the regular App Store.

How to buy Newsstand magazines

Buy Newsstand Magazines

To open a Newsstand magazine app; tap on the cover of the magazine in the Newsstand folder. The first time you open most magazines you see a notification window, asking if the app can send you Push Notifications. If you intend to read editions of a magazine on a regular basis; it’s best to tap OK so you are notified of new issues as they arrive.

Because Newsstand apps all work slightly differently, each has its own method for enabling you to download and read apps. Here is how to read a magazine on Macworld

  1. The cover of the latest edition is displayed on the screen, tap it to reveal Contents and Preview.
  2. Tap the Cover and Contents to see a list of the features in that issue.
  3. Tap Preview to view a low resolution preview of the edition.
  4. Tap Buy This issue if you want to read the rest of the edition. (An offer currently appears offering it for free if you subscribe to the magazine). Tap No to get just one edition; or Yes to get issues as they are released.
  5. Choose a subscription length between 1 - 12 months, each costs a different amount.
  6. Enter your Apple ID and Password and tap OK.
  7. Tap Confirm to confirm your subscription to Macworld.

You are asked if you want to share your information with the publisher of the magazine. Tap Allow if you want them know who you are. Magazine publishers like to know their readers, but you can tap Don’t Allow if you’d rather remain incognito.

How to read Newsstand magazines

Read Newsstand magazine

Once you have purchased a magazine, or a subscription to a magazine you can read them. Here is how to read Macworld magazine on your iPad.

  1. Tap the Download button.
  2. Flick left and right to move through pages
  3. Double tap the screen to zoom in and read text better
  4. Tap the screen once to reveal page previews, slide left and right to choose pages
  5. Tap the Contents icon in the top-right to view the Contents.

There is a wealth of great magazines on Newsstand. And once you have subscribed, the latest edition is sent to your iPad every month. Newsstand is a great way to keep up with your favorite subject.