In 2018 Apple launched a new 9.7in iPad - our current pick as the best iPad - and a pair of more expensive iPad Pros. If you're thinking about buying one of these it might be a good idea to trade in your old tablet and put the money towards a new one. But how can you get the best deal? What is a fair price for a second-hand iPad, and where is the best place to sell it?

This guide to selling a second-hand iPad is designed to help you get the most money for your current device. Follow these tips to make sure you get the best deal when trading in an old iPad.

When should I sell my iPad?

How to sell an old iPad: iPad 2017

Like all products a second-hand iPad is worth more the newer it is, but prices fall particularly quickly when a new product launches or is rumoured to be about to launch. That's what it's important to keep an eye on our iPad mini 5 news and Apple predictions articles.

Online trade-in store NextWorth has noted a drop in the value of Apple products of up to a fifth immediately before the launch of a new model. "There is a predictable 15 to 20 percent value decline seen across all older iPhone models in the six-week period surrounding [a] new iPhone launch," says Jeff Trachsel, CMO of NextWorth. And the same situation applies directly to the iPad.

This means that the optimal time to sell an iPad is probably around a month or two before the new model launches - which of course means selling it before you know for sure how much of an improvement the next model will be. Once the device's successor has been unveiled, Apple fans will be less interested, and the price will drop.

iPad Pros and budget mid-size iPads

At time of writing the most recent iPad launches were the iPad Pros in Oct 2018 and the iPad 9.7in in Apr 2018. This means it's unlikely there will be new Pros until autumn 2019 at the earliest, nor are we likely to get a new mid-size iPad until next spring or even later.

Now is a decent time to sell an old iPad in one of these categories: any iPad Pro, either of the 9.7in iPads (from 2018 or 2017), either iPad Air and the iPad 4 if you can still find a buyer.

iPad mini models

Sadly there hasn't been a new iPad mini for a long time. This means that the mini 4 (let alone an even earlier mini model) won't command much of a premium because its hardware is starting to look out of date; but it also means lots of people are expecting a new mini to come out.

So don't expect a high price for any of the iPad mini models. However, because new iPads have just come out, it's unlikely the mini 5 (if it will ever come out) will appear in the next couple of months, so now is as good a time as any.

If you're resolved to sell, it's worth looking into doing the trade sooner rather than later.

How much is a second-hand iPad worth?

The price you get for a second-hand iPad depends on the model you've got, its condition, and where you sell it. Typically you'll get more cash from a private sale than from a shop or services (as the latter need to include a markup when they sell it on). But it's less hassle to take it to somewhere like Computer Exchange or Cash Generators.

For comparison, here are some UK guide prices courtesy of Apple's refurbished store:

  • Refurbished iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB: £339
  • Refurbished iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB: £449
  • Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi 128GB (6th Generation): £349
  • Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB (6th Generation): £379
  • Refurbished 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 32GB: £439
  • Refurbished 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 64GB: £529
  • Refurbished 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB: £639
  • Refurbished 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 512GB: £929

And here are some guide prices from the US refurbished store, which currently offers a smaller range:

  • Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi 32GB (5th generation): $239
  • Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi 128GB (6th Generation): $369
  • Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB (6th Generation): $479

Can I trade in my iPad with Apple?

Yes. Apple has a GiveBack programme that enables owners of iPads (and iPhones, Macs and so on) to exchange their device for a newer model at an Apple retail store, at a discounted price.

Typically you get less cash direct from Apple than from other exchange services. If you've got a 12.9in iPad Pro from 2015 with 128GB of storage, which is still functional and has no screen problems, Apple will give you £320 for it. That's not bad, but vastly less than it cost when new and almost certainly less than CEX or a similar service will give in exchange.

Still, it's better than nothing and might be worth looking into if you're keen to pick up a new model of iPad, and want to get a seamless trade-in experience (and stick to the Apple Store).

Where should I sell my iPad?

You'll get more selling it on eBay, Amazon or Gumtree, all of which offer a lively environment for second-hand devices. If you sell it via eBay and Amazon you'll also have to pay a service charge, so Gumtree is the way to go for a complete private sale. Here are some sites to check out before you start.