The iPad is a great tool for showing off and enjoying your extensive collection of photographs of family and friends, but how do you get all your photos onto your iPad to start with? In this article we will look at how to transfer photos from an iPhone to iPad, how to share photos through iCloud, how to transfer photos from a camera to an iPad, and how to share photos on your Mac so that you can see them on your iPad.

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While you can capture photos using the iPad’s built-in camera, it is likely that you’ll have photos on an iPhone or Mac (or PC), or perhaps even on your camera that you'd like to be able to view on the iPad. We show you how to transfer your photos to an iPad. 

How to share photos from iPhone to iPad

Transferring the odd photo from an iPhone to the iPad is actually a simple process. You can send photos one at a time to the iPad using AirDrop, or set up Apple’s Photo Stream service, we will explain how below.

You can also synchronize photos from your iPhone photo collection via iPhoto and iTunes, just send them to the iPad when syncing.

Transfer photos with AirDrop

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How to get photos on your iPad using AirDrop

One of the easiest ways to get photos from an iPhone to an iPad is to use Apple’s AirDrop service. Follow these steps to get a single photo from an iPhone to an iPad:

  1. Open Control Centre by swiping up on your iPhone. Tap on AirDrop > Everyone. Now do the same on your iPad.
  2. Open the Photos app on the iPhone and tap on Share in the bottom right
  3. Use the photo picker at the top to choose more photos to share. Each photo you choose to share appears with a blue tick next to it.
  4. Your name (or the name of your iPad) should appear in the Tap To Share with AirDrop section. On the iPad tap on Accept to transfer the image from the iPhone to the iPad.

This is great for a single image from an iPhone but you can’t use AirDrop to get images from a Mac to an iPad - this is a feature coming later this year with OS X Yosemite.

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Transfer photos to an iPad via Photo Stream

Photo Stream is part of Apple’s iCloud service and it's the esaiest way of sharing your photos across all your Apple devices. Follow these steps to transfer an image from one device to another using Photo Stream.

  1. In Mac OS X click on System Preferences > iCloud and ensure that a tick is in the box next to Photos.
  2. Tap on Options next to Photos and ensure that Photo Stream has a tick beside it. Click OK.
  3. On your iPhone tap on Settings > iCloud > Photos and ensure that the My Photo Stream slider is on.
  4. On your iPad tap on Settings > iCloud > Photos and and ensure that the My Photo Stream slider is on.
  5. Open Photos on the iPad and tap on Albums and My Photo Stream. All the images you have recently captured on the iPhone, or added to your iPhoto library on your Mac, should appear in here.
  6. They also appear in iPhoto on your Mac, which makes this the quickest way to share a photo from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

Photo Stream is a great way to view photos captured from one Apple device on another. But, currently, Photo Stream only keeps the last 1,000 photos you have captured. When Apple launches Yosemite and iOS 8 later this year, the options for Photo Stream will improve, with the option of purchasing more space so that you can store all of your photos you have ever taken! Read about Photos in Yosemite and iOS here.

The benefit of using Photo Stream is that the 1,000 photos will take up 1GB of space on your device. That might sound a lot, but its a lot less than if each image was at full resolution. If you copy high res images straight to your iPad using a camera connection kit then each image could be a few MB in size and you will quickly fill up your device.

For now, follow these steps to copy the photos from Photo Stream onto your iPad:

  1. Open Photos on the iPad
  2. Click on Albums > My Photo Stream
  3. Tap on a photo you want to save
  4. Tap Share in the bottom left of the iPad display
  5. Tap Save To Camera Roll
  6. Now view the photo in your Camera Roll

Import images into iPhoto

How to get photos from a Mac to an iPad

The best way to transfer photos from your Mac to an iPad is by syncing the photos stored on a Mac computer using iTunes and iPhoto. Using iTunes as the medium between the Mac and iPad is the more traditional way of getting anything onto your iPad (or iPhone). Even as Apple rolls out new features like Photo Stream it’s worth knowing how to get your photos from a Mac to an iPad.

Follow these steps to sync your iPad photos from a Mac to your iPad:

  1. If your photos are on a camera or iPhone. Connect the device to your Mac using the USB cable.
  2. Open iPhoto on your Mac
  3. Click on the camera or iPhone in the iPhoto sidebar (on the left of the iPhoto interface). Now click the blue Import Photos button in the top-right of iPhoto. iPhoto now transfers the photos from the device to the computer. When the import process has finished you are asked if you want to Delete or Keep the photo on your iPhone or camera. Click on Delete or Keep.
  4. Click on Events in the iPhoto sidebar to view all your Events. These are your photos grouped by location and time.
  5. You can create Albums in iPhoto by clicking on File > New Album. The Album appears in the Sidebar on the left, you can enter a name for it. Now click on Photos in the Sidebar and drag and drop photos to the Album.
  6. Connect your iPad to the Mac using the supplied Lightning (or Dock) to USB cable.
  7. Open iTunes and click on Devices in the Top Right and click on the name of your iPad.
  8. Click on Photos and the checkbox next to Sync Photos From. It should have iPhoto next to it.
  9. By default iTunes syncs all photos, events and albums from iPhoto. However, if you have limited space on your iPad, you may want to sync only select albums.
  10. If you are lacking space, click on Selected Albums, Events and Faces and Automatically include. Use the Albums, Events, and Faces lists to choose which items you want. You can also set the Events drop down menu to choose recent Events to sync with the iPad.
  11. Once you have picked the albms you wish to sync, click Apply to transfer the photos from your Mac to the iPad.

Sync with iPhoto

Now when you click on Photos on the iPad you see all the photos from your Mac. You also view photos captured using the iPad’s Camera or shared using Photo Stream.

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