Using your iPad for reminders and to-do lists is a great idea. You’re likely to have your iPad with you at all times so it just makes sense.

The rather aptly named Reminders app is here to help you with all your to-do lists. The Reminders app has some neat touches. Integration with Siri is just one of the great features of Reminders. It takes merely a few seconds to set up a new reminder using just a push of the Home button and your voice.

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Additionally, you can use GPS to activate reminders when you leave or arrive at certain places. So, for example, your iPad could remind you to pick up some milk on the way home as you leave work.

Naturally, you can set your own time-sensitive reminders, too, and if you have a lot of reminders you can easily search through them.

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Reminders can be sorted in a list or by date and you can see a calendar view of all your reminders a month at a time.

If you’re using the iCloud service all your reminders can be synched across devices. If you set a reminder on your iPad it will show on your iPhone and vice versa. If you’re cursed with the forgetful gene, have no fear, the Reminders app is here. You’ll never forget your wedding anniversary again. Here we show you how to use it.

Step 1: Reminders app - Open the Reminders app to add a to-do item to your list. Here you’ll see all your reminders and, if you’re using iCloud, the account name used to synchronise reminders.

Step 2: New reminder - Tap on an empty line to create a reminder and the standard keyboard pops up. Type the reminder and tap Return. To edit it further simply tap on the reminder again.

Step 3: Dictate reminder - If you don’t want to type your reminder, you don’t have to. Tap on the microphone icon next to the spacebar and simply speak your reminder. Tap Done to enter it.

Step 4: Remind me on a day - To change the details about a reminder simply tap on it and tap on the Info (‘i’) icon. Tap ‘Remind Me On A Day’ to set a day when you want the iPad to alert you.

Step 5: Location-based reminders - You can have a reminder pop up when you leave or arrive somewhere. The iPad uses GPS to track you, and when you’re at the right spot it sends an alert.

Step 6: See your month - You can see all your reminders in the month by tapping the Scheduled item in the sidebar. This screen lists all your reminders using the ‘Remind Me On A Day’ setting.

Step 7: Search reminders - If you can’t see the reminder you’re after, use search. Tap on the search field in the top-left and enter the item for which you are looking.

Step 8: Completed tasks - Once you’ve completed a tasks, you just tick it off by tapping the circle next to it. The task will be removed from the list, but you can view it again by tapping Show Completed.