Your iPhone probably houses various precious data, from photos, messages, health data, documents, to accessory setups, settings, and more. When you think about everything that's on it and the time it took you to put it there and get it just right. But this also implies you'll get into trouble immediately if your iPhone was lost, stolen, severely damaged, or just went kaput. Even not in such cases, every time you switch to a new iPhone or upgrade to latest iOS, you certainly have data you would hate to lose. So you have no excuse for not backing your iPhone up since it gives you one more safe guard for your iPhone.

The trouble is that backing up your iPhone can be a chore. iCloud's 5GB free space goes nowhere in an era of 64GB and 128GB iPhones, so if you need more, you have to pay for it. And with iTunes, you don't face quite the same space limitations. But you might be confused with its tedious and complicated iPhone backup steps, suffering from the possibility of old iPhone backups loss at the same time. Wouldn't it be great if you could just backup iPhone without iTunes – all those massive, hard-to-replace media files – and left all the stuff you didn't?

Well, there is a way to go. That is MacX MediaTrans a choice of millions, aiming to backup iPhone files to Mac computer with all those photos, videos, music, ringtones, iBooks, VoiceMemos, iTunes U, etc. in a way that’s simple, fast and hassle-free. What's better, this iPhone manager is equipped with auto-audio conversion feature, making it a no-brainer to send ringtones to iPhone or backup iPhone ringtones to Mac without any format issue. That's not the whole story. In music manager section, you're also allowed to trim music songs to make ringtones for iPhone just a click away. Honestly, once you’ve used it, you may never want to go back to the old way of doing iPhone backups.

How to Backup iPhone without iTunes on Mac (Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.12)
Backing up all those massive multimedia files doesn’t have to be a chore or a challenge. Download and launch MacX MediaTrans, and you can accomplish iPhone backup mission in six simple steps.

1. Launch and Connect
Once you’ve launched this iPhone backup program, connect your iPhone (iPhone 7/6s/6/Plus/SE/5s) to your Mac using the normal USB cable. You may be asked to add your Mac as a trusted computer and change a preference in iTunes to protect iPhone data from being lost. If so, just follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Backup iPhone Photos (No iTunes)
Now click the Photo Transfer button. You’ll see any photos on your iPhone organized by their location, on the left-hand-side, then grouped by day/month/year on the right. If you want to backup all of them, just click the Select All checkbox about the thumbnails, then the Export button that’s immediately above.

After you backup iPhone photos to Mac computer, you can also choose to copy iPhone photos from Mac to external hard drive for backup. The whole photo transfer process will be finished within seconds only.

3. Backup your iPhone Music to Mac
To backup iPhone music instead of photos, you're required to go back to the main interface first. Click the Back button in the top-left corner, then click on the Music Manager button. You’ll see every track held on your iPhone listed, and you can either choose them individually or click the Select All checkbox. Now click the Export button and this iTunes alternative will begin to transfer music from iPhone to Mac.

Advanced iPhone ringtone making is available while you backup iPhone music to Mac. You can create your own iPhone ringtones by waveform cropping & editing and automatically converting music into iPhone ringtone files.

4. Backup iPhone Ringtones and Voice without iTunes
Go back to main window and click Voice & Ringtone button to enter iPhone ringtone backup section. Select the iPhone ringtones, hit Export button and this iPhone manager tool will instantly go into action to backup iPhone ringtones to Mac computer. This feature allows you to backup whole iPhone voice to Mac computer, including iPhone VoiceMemos, iTunes U or Podcast.

5. Backup iPhone Videos in Seconds
Press Back button again if you need to backup iPhone videos this time. And then click the Video button. You can browse through the different types of video on your iPhone on the left-hand-side, then select files individually or click Select All as you did before. Click Export, and all your video files will copy across from your iPhone to Mac within seconds.

6. Backup your iPhone iBooks to MacBook iMac
Find and enter into the Book section on the user interface. Choose the iBooks or audiobooks and then press Export button at the left side of the menu. Seconds later, your iPhone iBooks will be transferred to your Mac computer with PDF, TXT, HTML output formats for choose.

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Do more with MacX MediaTrans
Of course, this iPhone transfer tool doesn’t stop there. Music Manager can also be used to add music from Mac to your iPhone, copying files from any folder, not just those in your iTunes library. While you’re there you can create new playlists, edit track info, make ringtones for iPhone or delete any tracks you don’t want on your phone – a good idea when you have one of those albums that’s half killer, half filler.

The Videos tool, meanwhile, is a great way to transfer your favorite home movies, films and TV shows from Mac to iPhone. Not only is it happy to copy files that iTunes won’t, taking them from any folder and in practically any major format, but it will automatically convert them to the optimal format for iPhone playback, fixing the resolution and even changing the aspect ratio if required.

Besides, the iPhone files transfer updates with a brand new DRM removal feature, which not only ensures a simple yet fast iTunes purchased files backup without iTunes logins, but decodes songs, audiobooks or movies purchased from iTunes store between iPhone and Mac. Throw in the fact that these transfers are so speedy, and you can save yourself some serious time and effort. That’s something you might appreciate when you make a backup of iPhone without iTunes assistance.

Finally, MacX MediaTrans has one other trick up its sleeve. Connect your iPhone and you can use it like a USB thumb drive, dragging and dropping files on and off your Mac with ease. It’s ideal for moving files quickly between Macs and MacBooks provided both have this iPhone backup software installed.

Backing up iPhone before iOS 10 upgrade is always a smart move, but iTunes and iCloud haven’t always made it quick or easy. MacX MediaTrans does both and a whole lot more as best iTunes alternative. If you want to have this iTunes alternative app to manage the content of the iPhone and iPad on your Mac, click on the link simply to download MacX Mediatrans free trial version. Please note that the free version only allows 30 music/photos/ibooks, 10 videos transferring every day. To remove the trail limitation, you can level up and upgrade to full version of MacX MediaTrans (US$29.95 for a lifetime license). The price is on sale for a limited time, they also give a money back guarantees for 30 days to make sure customers are fully satisfied with the product.