Over the years we have amassed a lot of iPhone tutorials, to make it easy to find the ones that might help you, we've gathered them all together here so you can see them in one place. We're sure there will be some useful tips, or some advice about using features, that you don't already know. From how to set up a new iPhone that you may have just got for Christmas, to advice about what to do if your iPhone breaks. We also have tips for maximising battery life and not going over your data allowance, a guide to the settings in iOS 9 and lots, lots more.

iPhone tips & tutorials: iPhone Basics

Got a new iPhone? Here’s how to set up a new iPhone. This guide will help everyone, from complete beginners, iPhone upgraders and people switching from Android, Windows and Blackberry. And if you're coming across from Android, read How to transfer contacts, music and photos from Android to iPhone.

If you haven't installed iOS 9, here are some installation tips and advice for installing the latest iPhone operating system: Complete guide: How to update iOS on iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone has been pestering you to install the latest Carrier Settings update, we fill you in on Why your iPhone is asking if it can update carrier settings?

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If you want to erase the contents of your iPhone because you are selling it, or because it's not working properly, here's how to reset an iPhone, erase the contents of an iPhone and restore from a backup.

We have a straightforward guide to the main settings you need to know in iOS 9. Read this to get to know the iPhone: How to use Settings in iOS 9 to configure your iPad or iPhone. You might be surprised by some of the things your iPhone can do that you didn't know about because they're hidden away in Settings.

iPhone tips & tutorials: Handy iPhone Tips 

Tired of running out of battery on your iPhone? Here are 34 tips to help boost iPhone battery life.

Running out of data before the end of the month? Here are the best ways to stop running out of data on your iPhone.

Don’t want to waste your data! Here’s how to share a Wi-Fi connection from a Mac to an iPhone.

Also, share your iPhone's 3G (or 4G) data with a Mac or iPad and browse the internet on the go: Turn your iPhone into a personal WiFi hotspot.

This guide to iPhone unlocking enables you to use any SIM in your iPhone: How to unlock an iPhone.

It is possible to charge your iPhone (or iPad) faster. These tricks show you how.

Follow these steps next time you run out of space on your iPhone: 17 ways to save space on your iPhone

Struggling with an iPhone 6 Plus (or even just an iPhone 6) and small hands? Here are 7 tips for using the iPhone 6 Plus with small hands.

Annoyed by the keyboard click sounds on your iPhone? We show you how to turn off keyboard click sounds on an iPhone or iPad.

Find out how to take a screenshot on iPhone or iPad.

You can set any song as an iPhone ringtone, find out how.

Find out how to download YouTube videos to iPad and iPhone.

Here's how to stop iPhone calls going straight to voicemail.

Want to stop unwanted callers from getting through on your iPhone? Here’s how to block numbers on any iPhone.

Here's how to remove or delete (almost) any app from your iPhone or iPad.

Avoid losing all your progress when you delete an iOS game: How not to lose your iPhone and iPad game data.

You can stream iPhone movies, games and photos from your iPhone to your TV. Here's how: How to connect your iPhone to your TV.

Recording the screen on your iPhone is easy. With the right app, or video capture tool you can quickly record whatever is going on your screen: How to capture iPhone screen video.

Keep the data on your iPhone safe by backing it up to iCloud or your computer. Learn how to back up an iPhone.

You can backup Mac OS X files and documents to iOS devices using this USB Flash Drive app and iTunes File Share. Read: How to use storage space on your iPhone to backup files from your Mac.

Sick of being limited to Apple-approved apps? Here's how to jailbreak an iPhone (not for the faint-hearted).

It is possible to get a non-AirPrint printer to print from an iPhone: Read how to Install AirPrint on any printer.

Move your old number across to a second-hand phone, or get a new number to avoid nuisance callers: How to change your iPhone's number.

Want more tips? Here are 40 awesome tips iPad users and 20 of the best iPhone tricks you didn't know existed.

Got one of Apple's newest iPhones? Here are 9 hidden iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus tips.

Plus we have 32 brilliant iOS 9 tips and Advanced iOS 9 tips for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone tips & tutorials: Get to know iPhone features

EMAIL: 15 iOS 9 Mail tips

KEYBOARD: Read our complete guide to using emoji on iPhone and iPad. Also, how to get rid of the lowecase keyboard in iOS 9, and best keyboard apps for iPhone is useful now that you're able to use third-party keyboards in iOS 9.

Autocorrect is a boon for anyone engaged in tiny-screen typing, but its mistakes can be the bane of an iPhone users' existence, find out how to turn off Autocorrect on your iPhone, iPad.

Get a better keyboard for your iPhone and iPad: learn how to use QuickType and the Swype keyboard.

MUSIC: We have everything you ever needed to know about playing music on an iOS device, especially with the new Apple Music app that can make things a bit confusing, in our complete guide to the iPhone/iPad Music app. Plus: How to cancel your Apple Music free trial.

Plus, we've also got how to sync music from an iMac to iPhone without deleting Apple Music playlists and songs

TOUCH ID: You can use Touch ID on an iPhone instead of having to enter passwords. Here’s how to get accurate finger scan: How to use Touch ID finger scanning.

3D TOUCH: 3D Touch is a new feature only available for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users. Here are 11 tips to help you master 3D Touch.

You might also like: How to edit 3D Touch shortcut menus.

CAMERA: Get creative with your iPhone cameras, follow our guide to shooting time-lapse videos on an iPhone.

PHOTOS: If you've got an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, these Live Photos tips will come in handy.

VIDEO: You can record slow motion video clips on your iPhone and transfer them to Mac, or share to YouTube. Also, for newer iPhones: How and when to record 4K instead of 1080p on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

SIRI: In our complete list of Siri features, we've got every command you can activate on your iPhone or iPad using your voice. Read: Complete guide to Siri: Hey Siri and every other Siri feature. Also: How to use Proactive in iOS 9 and Funny things to ask Siri.

FIND MY iPHONE: Locate lost or stolen iPhones, iPads using Find My iPhone in iOS 9.

FAMILY SHARING: You can share apps, movies, and music (and location data) with family and friends with Apple's new Family Sharing feature. Here’s how to set up Family Sharing on iPad, iPhone, Mac.

FACETIME: You can make free phone calls on your iPhone using FaceTime Audio, here’s how. Also: How to use FaceTime to make video calls to your family for free

CAR PLAY: Find out how to Play music from your iPhone in your car.

GAMES: Discover our favourite games in our round-up of the 117 best iPad & iPhone games.

APPS: How to get a refund from the App Store.

NOTES: iOS 9 brings loads of new features to Notes. Find out how to use Notes on your iPhone in iOS 9 here.

ICLOUD: Discover how to save time and space using iCloud Drive in iOS 9.

APPLE PAY: Use the iPhone 6 or later's NFC chip with Apple Pay. Find out how to set up your card and pay in UK shops using your iPhone here.

And here's how to use Apple's Health app to get fit and healthy

iPhone Troubleshooting


Drowned your iPhone? We tell you how to dry an iPhone out: Rescue and fix a water-damaged Apple iPhone.

iPhone broken? Smashed screen? Faulty iPhone battery? Find out if Apple will replace it: Will Apple replace my iPhone?

Worried about losing your iPhone? Find out how to use Find My iPhone in iOS 9 here.

Plus, find out how to get the best insurance for your iPhone.

Having issues with your iPhone? Here’s how to reset, restore, and restart your iPhone.

What to do if your Lightning port isn't working… Here’s one temporary fix, and how to get Apple to fix the Lightning port.

iPhone or iPad lock/power button not working? Here's How to fix a broken iPhone lock button.

Is your older iPhone running slow? Here’s our top tips to speed up iOS 6, iOS 7 & iOS 8.

Is someone not taking your calls? Find out how to tell if someone has blocked your phone number on their iPhone.

Having trouble sending or receiving iMessages? Here’s how to fix iOS iMessage problems and make sure you receive all your texts.

It is possible to restore old text messages to your iPhone, if you are lucky. Here’s how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone.

Does your SIM not fit in your new iPhone? Here’s how to trim a SIM Card so it fits in an iPhone or iPad.

Also, we show you How to put a new SIM card into an iPad or iPhone.

Forgotten your iPad or iPhone password? It is possible to hack an iPad or iPhone passcode, here's how.

What does that iPhone error message mean? Read our guide to understanding iPhone error messages.

Here’s how to limit children's access to iOS devices and stop them making in-app purchases: How to stop children buying apps & in-app purchases.

iPhone overheating can be a real problem. Here’s how to stop your iPhone from getting hot.

Find out how to stop apps opening when you attach your iPhone to your Mac.