These iOS AutoFill tips enable you to store, save and automatically enter names, passwords and credit card information on your iPhone or iPad.

AutoFill is a feature is iOS that enables you to save and automatically fill out personal information to websites. With AutoFill set up you can enter names, passwords and even credit card details at the touch of the AutoFill button. AutoFill makes online browsing and shopping on the iPhone or iPad a much easier process. These tips help you get the most from AutoFill:

1 Setting up AutoFill: Enter a passcode

Enter a passcode before using AutoFill on an iPhone

The first thing you should do if you are about to start saving passwords on your iPhone or iPad is turn on a passcode. A passcode is a four digit code you need to enter to unlock your device. Here is how to turn on a Passcode:

  1. Tap on Settings > Passcode (Touch ID and Passcode on an iPhone 5S).
  2. Tap turn PassCode ON (if you have an iPhone 5S also set Use Touch ID for iPhone Unlock and iTunes & App Store to On).
  3. Enter a four digit code that you can remember (do not pick something like 1234 or 0000).
  4. Re-enter the same four digit code to confirm it.
  5. Press the Sleep/Wake button to test out your passcode. after you Slide To Unlock the iOS device should present you with the passcode unlock screen. Enter your four-digit passcode to unlock the iPhone or iPad.

Using a passcode is important because when you start using AutoFill you are able to view the passwords you have saved for websites, and you want to ensure that you are the only person using your iPhone and capable of viewing your passwords.


2 Set up AutoFill on iOS: Link your Contact Info

Checking your own Contacts card on iPhone

Now that passcode is turned you need to make sure your personal card in Contacts is up to date. Tap on Contacts and locate your own name in the list. Tap on your name from the Contacts list to view your own details, and tap Edit to fill in the information. You should ensure that your telephone number, email and physical address is correct.

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3 How to link your Contacts card to AutoFill in iOS

Linking your Contacts card to Autofill on an iPhone

Once all of your information is correct you need to link your Contact card to Safari, so it knows which card belongs to you. Follow these steps to let Safari know which card in Contacts is you:

  1. Tap on Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill.
  2. Set Use Contact Info to On.
  3. Tap on My Info.
  4. Tap on your own name from Contacts list (you can use the Search bar at the top to look for yourself if you have a long list).

Safari should now display your name next to My Info in the Passwords & Autofill section.

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4. Using AutoFill to enter personal information on an iPhone

Use AutoFill to enter your personal details in Safari on iPhone

With Contact info turned on you can now use AutoFill to fill out information into Safari. Tap on Safari and visit a website such as Amazon. Tap on Sign In (or Sign Up For a New Account) and tap on the Full Name field. Above the on-screen keyboard appears AutoFill, tap this to enter your name from the contacts details. AutoFill also scans the other fields and fills them out accordingly. The fields that Autofill has filled out are highlighted in yellow, be sure to check them before continuing.

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5 Saving website login names and passwords on your iOS device

Turn on Names and Passwords on your iOS device

The next step for AutoFill is to set up Names and Passwords (names here refers to the Login names you use for websites). Set Names and Passwords to On and you are able to save login names and passwords as you enter them into websites. You don’t enter your names and passwords into the Settings section, instead you enter them into websites in Safari (see Tip 6) and they are saved automatically.

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6 Saving a website Name and Password on an iPhone

Saving a website Name and Password on an iPhone

You add Name and Passwords into Safari as you browse. Visit a website (we are using Amazon here) and enter your login Name and Password  as normal. The Save Password alert pops up from the bottom of the iPhone screen with three options: Save Password, Never for This Website and Not Now. Tap Save Password to enter the name into your Password field. Tapping Not Now access the website but does not save the password; tap Never for this Website and the iPhone will not prompt you if you visit the website again.

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7. Managing Names and Passwords on an iPhone

The list of saved website Names and Passwords on an iPhone

You can manage Names and Passwords saved in Safari. The Names and Passwords section in Settings allows you to view saved passwords and delete ones you no longer use (the ability to view Saved Passwords is why you should have a Passcode on your iOS device. Here is how to delete a Password:

  1. Tap on Settings > Safari > Passwords & Auto Fill.
  2. Tap on Saved Passwords > UserNames and Passwords.
  3. Tap on one of the listed websites to view the login details for that site.
  4. Enter your Passcode.
  5. You can now view the login Name and Password. Tap Passwords to move back to the Password list.

To delete a Password tap Edit, tap on the Password you want to select and tap Delete.

8 Saved Credit Cards

Enter credit card details into AutoFill on an iPhone

You can also save Credit Card information in Safari. Saved credit cards can be used to enter payment details online, which makes payments easier. Here is how:

  1. Tap on Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill.
  2. Set the switch next to Credit Cards to On.
  3. Tap Saved Credit Cards.
  4. Tap Add Credit Card.
  5. Now fill out the Cardholder, Number and Expires fields with the information from your credit card.
  6. Enter a name for the card in the Description field.
  7. Tap Done.

This information can be automatically be entered into websites that request a credit card number. You tap Auto Fill in the same manner as you do with passwords (above). Note that you still have to enter the CVV (Card Card Verification) number manually. This is the number on the reverse of the credit card. You need to remember this three or four digit number to verify purchases.

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9 Turn on iCloud Keychain

Turn on iCloud Keychain to sync saved passwords across devices

If you have more than one iOS device, you can use iCloud Keychain to keep your password and contact information synced across all your devices. Tap on Settings > iCloud > Keychain and set iCloud Keychain to On to turn on synchronization. You now need to enter your Apple ID and Password and approve the sync from other iOS devices (that are logged in using the same Apple ID and Password).

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