We love FaceTime, we mean who on iOS doesn’t love FaceTime a way of video calling your friends and family for free? However, let’s say you have more than one person you want to share your beautiful face with; through FaceTime you’ll be limited to only make a two-way video call.

How to group video chat on iPad or iPhone - FaceTime

This is where third-party apps such as Booyah, Skype and Viber, among others which provide you with the option of video calling multiple people at once. In this article we will look at the new kid on the block, Booyah. 

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How to group video chat on iPad or iPhone: Booyah for WhatsApp

Booyah, the simple to use application enables you to use the widely sought after video-calling feature on WhatsApp. Whereby, in order to use Booyah you’ll need your friends and family to have the application installed alongside WhatsApp.

How to group video chat on iPad or iPhone - Booyah

Once it’s installed, the app works in conjunction with WhatsApp, where it has access to your WhatsApp contacts which allows you to video call any of your friends. When you click on a contact, you'll have an auto-generated link which will allow you to send it to your contacts. If your contact doesn't have Booyah installed, it will instructed to download the app.

How to group video chat on iPad or iPhone - Booyay Invitation

Once you’ve video called a contact, you’ll be able to add others to the conversation. The process is very simple and once you’ve got them added, you’ll be able to hear and see each other!

How to group video chat on iPad or iPhone - Booyah Video Call

Through the app, you'll have the option to mute your mic, mute the speaker, add another contact, flipt he camera and lastly hang up the call.

We did experience a few problems with the app, where it wouldn’t always connect all the people to the video chat, but on the whole was a very easy-to-use app which works just like FaceTime.

As it’s linked with WhatsApp, you’ll also be able to message your friends and family for free.

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