How to recover a deleted photo in iOS

Photos are stored in the Photos app in iOS. The iOS version of Photos has much in common with its Mac equivalent, and this includes the 30-day grace period for deleted photos and videos.

If you delete a photo from the iPhone or iPad and want it back, tap on Albums at the bottom of the screen. Somewhere in amongst the Selfies and Screenshots you'll see an album called Recently Deleted. Tap this.

As on the Mac, any photos or videos that have been deleted in the past 30 days will be shown here, along with a tag that tells you how many days they've got left. If you can get to the file before the time runs out, you can tap it, then tap Recover (then confirm by tapping Recover Photo), and it'll transfer back to your Camera Roll.

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Bear in mind that when you delete a photo from your iPhone or iPad it will also be deleted from your iCloud Photo Library, if you've got this feature enabled.

If you take and delete many pictures on an iPhone, then you may want to invest in another backup solution. Fortunately many of the cloud services offer instant upload of any photos you snap to a cloud storage space. Consider installing Dropbox, Google Drive or Box and turn on Photo Backup. (See: iCloud vs Dropbox comparison review).

Here are the steps for Dropbox:

  1. Sign up for a Dropbox account and download the Dropbox app for iPad or iPhone.
  2. Open Dropbox and click on Settings  > Camera Upload and turn on Camera Upload.
  3. As you snap photos they will be sent to a folder in Dropbox called Camera Uploads.
  4. Click on the Photos tab in Dropbox to view recently uploaded images. This will also include any photos you have deleted from the Photos app.
  5. Select a photo in Dropbox and tap on the Share icon and choose Save Image.

This will send the deleted image back to the Photos app in iOS. It is not an ideal backup solution, because it requires you to set up Dropbox in advance. However, if you take many images you’ll find this service invaluable. Both Google Drive, Box and other cloud services work in largely the same manner.

How to recover deleted files: How to recover deleted music files in iOS

Fairly often, songs are synced from a Mac (or PC) computer to the iPhone or iPad. If this is the case for you, the song may have been deleted from the iDevice but you'll find you can copy it back over the next time you sync with the computer.

If you purchased the track from Apple's iTunes Store you can redownload it from your Purchased list. Open iTunes Store > Purchased and tap the iCloud Download icon to download it to your iPad or iPhone.

If this isn't working for you, then you could try using a data recovering progam for your iPhone. There are quite a few of these around, and most of the do essentially the same thing by attempting to restore the recently deleted data on your phone. Most of these progams will have a free version, but make sure you do your research and find a reputable one before downloading anything.

How to recover deleted files: How to recover deleted emails on iPhone and iPad

Generally speaking you can recover deleted emails in iOS Mail by giving your iPhone or iPad a little shake to invoke the undo gesture. When the undo dialogue box appears, tap Undo.

But the undo gesture is a single-step undo only, so if you've performed another action in Mail since accidentally deleting the email, this won't work. In this case you need to find the relevant deleted emails folder (the name varies according to the email service, but may be Deleted, Trash, Junk or similar), locate and tap on the discarded email and then tap the folder icon at the bottom and send it back to the inbox. You generally have a week by default before iOS deletes emails that have been designated for deletion.

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