Apple's flagship iPhone X (which you can buy here) is an amazing technological achievement, but for some users there is one area where it could be greatly improved. Due to the positioning of the hardware buttons, it's far too easy to accidentally take screenshots when picking up the device.

Hope is at hand, though, as Apple looks to be fixing this annoying problem, thus keeping your Photo Stream free from multiple pictures of your Home screen. In this article we take a look at how to stop accidental screenshots.

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

The reason for all the accidental screenshots is down to how easy it is to take one in the first place.

To capture the contents of your screen simply hold down both the Side button (the one that turns the device on and off) and the Volume Up button at the same time. Keep them depressed for a second then release.

How to stop accidental screenshots on iPhone X: How to take screenshots

You should see the screen flash white, and then a thumbnail of the screen shot appear in the bottom corner of the screen.

Because of this button combination, or more specifically their placement, it can often cause users to take screenshots when getting the device out of their pocket, or just picking it up off the table.

There are lots of things that work differently on the iPhone X, and it can be tricky getting used to all the changes. Have a look at How to use the iPhone X for more advice.

How to prevent accidental screenshots

Sadly, at the moment there is no switch in the settings that can disable this feature. There are also no third-party solutions we know off that can remap the buttons or prevent the iPhone X from taking screenshots.

But reports are beginning to emerge that in the new iOS 12 beta the screenshot feature is disabled when the display is turned off. This means that when the full version of iOS 12 arrives in September, the problem should instantly disappear.

If you're not able to wait that long then you could take the radical route of installing the beta version on your iPhone, although we'd recommend against it as the software is obviously still unstable (or at least to install it on a secondary device rather than the iPhone you rely on). Still, those brave of heart can follow our How to install the iOS 12 beta tutorial.

A final, less technical, option is to buy a case with stiff buttons. This will at least make it harder to inadvertently active the screenshot feature, while also protecting your investment against any calamitous drops. See our Best iPhone X cases 2018 roundup for a selection of the finest available choices.