The new wave of X-series iPhones - the groundbreaking X in 2017, and its XS, XS Max and XR descendants in 2018 - are terrific phones but can be intimidating for newcomers because they don't have Home buttons. This means that simple functions are often assigned to unexpected gestures or button combinations.

In this article we explain how to do one of the simplest functions of all on an iPhone XS: turning it off. For more general advice about using an X-series handset, see How to use the iPhone XS. And for other iOS devices, see How to turn off an iPhone or iPad.

Powering off an iPhone XS

iPhones with Home buttons are turned off by pressing and holding the power button until a power-off slider appears. But try doing that on an iPhone XS and you'll trigger Siri instead.

On the iPhone XS, you access this slider by pressing and holding the side button (on the righthand side of the device) and either one of the volume buttons (on the left) at the same time. It doesn't matter whether you choose volume up or down.

Hold these two buttons until the screens shows 'slide to power off' at the top, 'Emergency SOS' in the middle and 'Cancel' at the bottom. Now swipe across the top slider, left to right as indicated, to power off the device.

Obviously you'll want to press Cancel if you change your mind, or just press the side button again.