Are you having issues connecting to Apple Music and playing your favourite songs? While the first port of call is to check your internet connection for issues, there might be a problem with the Apple Music itself – but how can you check? Thankfully, Apple offers a system status website that’ll give you the latest news on all its services, along with a bunch of crowd-sourced service status checking websites.

Here, we take you through the required steps to help you figure out if your Apple Music issues are local, or part of a bigger problem.

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Is Apple Music down? Check Apple System Status

The first step in the quest to find out if there are issues with Apple Music is to head to Apple’s System Status webpage. The webpage shows the current state of not only Apple’s music streaming service but every service offered by the company, including Apple Pay, iCloud, iTunes and even Apple Maps routing & navigation. In addition to displaying the status of Apple’s services, it’ll also notify users of any issues or scheduled maintenance that could be causing issues.

It’ll also indicate whether there have been any recent disruptions that have since been resolved. If there is a message next to Apple Music, clicking on it will display more details about the issue including when the outage occurred, and the types of issue that users might’ve come across.

If there are issues with Apple Music (indicated with a red icon instead of green), there’s not much you can really do apart from wait it out. At least it’s nothing to do with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or internet connection, right?

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Is Apple Music down? Check third-party websites

While Apple’s System Status page offers a broad look at the status of all Apple’s services, there are also many third-party websites that offer crowdsourced status updates on not only Apple Music, but a range of websites and services available online. Some argue that these are more useful than Apple’s own website because the reports are from users around the world in real-time, with many also offering links to Twitter feeds to keep up-to-date on the latest news.

One great example of a third-party service status checker is Down Detector, available via the website and a handy iOS app too. Down Detector offers tracking for a range of services, including Apple Music, along with the likes of Steam and PSN too. In fact, Down Detector monitors over 2,700 services in 25 countries, making it the unofficial authority on service outages.

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In addition to being able to report issues with services via the site, Down Detector provides users with a graph of outages in the past 24 hours, along with the issues users are experiencing, and even a heat map that shows, in real time, where the issues are affecting users. There’s also a comment section on every page, allowing you to leave comments to let others know they’re not alone with their connectivity issues.

Down Detector is a fairly comprehensive website, and is usually one of the first places we’ll head to if we’re experiencing any kind of connectivity issue. But there are many, many others available online that offer similar services.

Take the rather aptly named Is It Down Right Now? – rather than concentrating on specific services, the service checks the status of websites. This makes it a bit more difficult to check the status of things like Apple Music and iCloud, but it can be handy to track a range of sites including the Apple Store, Facebook and PayPal. It offers a detailed rundown of how the site has been recently performing, along with information on the last time the service went down.

Of course, if all sources suggest that Apple Music is down and that it’s nothing to do with your internet connection, there’s not much else that can be done! Sit back, relax and wait for Apple to fix the issue, and in the meantime, rely on your offline playlists.

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