iTunes may have been retired in macOS Catalina, but for many iPhone users it remains a reliable way to move music and other data on and off their device, or to create backups that can be stored on their PC or Mac.

This can be curtailed, however, if you see the message 'iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. You do not have permission.' Here's what to do if that's the case.

Check your USB cable and ports

You may not realise it, but USB cables differ in their capabilities. Some will deliver a charge, while others can also handle data.

If you're struggling to get your iPhone to be recognised by your computer, the first thing to try is another cable, as it could be that your current one isn't up to the job. If it's been fine in the past then there's also the possibility that it may have degraded over time.

Try using a different port on your computer as well, because sometimes these can stop working properly, which would result in problems connecting your iPhone.

Power up and unlock your iPhone

iTunes won't be able to connect if your device is locked, so be sure to unlock it and put it on the home page. Obviously it will need to be powered up too.

How to fix iTunes could not connect to itunes: Unlocking device

Trust the computer you're using

When you connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC you may be asked whether to Trust This Computer? This is perfectly fine as it is actually a necessary setting for connecting your iPhone. Tap Trust and see if this sorts out the issue.

How to fix itunes can not connect to iTunes: Trusting computer

Update iTunes

The next step is to check that you're running the latest version of iTunes. To do this, open the App Store and select the Updates section from the left-hand column. If you see iTunes listed as one of the available updates, select it. Hopefully that might clear your problem.

Update iOS

Another possibility is that iOS could need updating as well. To do this, open Settings > General > Software Update then look to see if a newer version is available. If there is, tap Download and Install then Install.

How to fix iTunes can not connect to this iPhone : Update iOS

Restart your devices

If nothing else proves successful, it's always a good idea to try restarting your devices. Powering down your iPhone and Mac or PC then starting them back up again can often prove an electronic form of sorcery that cures all ills.

If the magic fails, then you'll want to contact Apple Support to book an appointment at the Genius bar in your local Apple store or speak to someone who can help you with the issue.

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