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  • The best Mac OS X Mavericks features and tips

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is a feature-packed upgrade to Mac computers. It packs a slew of new features and upgrades to all the major apps.

But there’s a lot in Mavericks that you might miss at first: Apple has included a lot of easter eggs and hidden features that make the Mac experience all the better.

In this guide we’ll take  a look at some of the best new features to be found in Mac OS X Mavericks.

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Setup LinkedIn in Mac OS X Mavericks

Mac OS X has featured Twitter and Facebook integration for a while now, but LinkedIn (the more professional alternative) has sat on the benches. Not any more. While it hasn’t been trumpeted as much as the other social media services, LinkedIn is now integrated right thoughout Mac OS X.

Mavericks LinkedIn

Turn on Linkedin by doing the following:

  • Click the Apple Icon and choose System Preferences.

  • Tap  Internet Accounts and LinkedIn from the list on the right.

  • Enter your LinkedIn User Name and Password and click Next.

  • Tap Sign In.

The LinkedIn account does more than just enable you to post to the LinkedIn social media site. It will integrate your contacts with LinkedIn (a helpful depositary) and enable Apps to work with LinkedIn (with your permission).

Mavericks a free upgrade

Why did Apple call Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks?

Safari Shared Links features in Mavericks

Safari Shared Links is one of our favourite new features in Mac OS X Mavericks. Open Safari and click Bookmarks (in the top left) to open the Sidebar, then click Shared Links. This shows all you links from social media you’ve installed in the settings (see LinkedIn above).

Click on the items in the sidebar to open the page in the main window. But there’s a few other tricks you try while you’re here:

  • Retweeting. Click the Retweet button in the bar at the top of the web page.

  • Searching. Scroll up the Shared Links sidebar to reveal a search window. You can use this to filter through all your Shared Links and see what people are talking about.

  • Follow/Unfollow people. Click on the photograph of a person in Shared Links to open Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn at the user’s page.

Shared Links remains one of our favourite new features in Mavericks. Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of social media.

Mavericks Shared Links

App Store Updates

The App Store now enables you to automatically download and install App and System Updates. While some people prefer to granually control the update process (and that’s probably more sensible), many others will like the convenience of having Mavericks do it for you:

  • Click System Preferences > App Store and check the following:

    • Automatically check for updates.

    • Download newly available updates in the background.

    • Install app updates.

    • Install system data files and security updates.

    • Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs.

This should make life a lot easier.

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Copy from one Tabbed Finder to another

Tabbed finders are great. Open a window in Finder and then open a new tab by tapping Command-T. One neat trick to learn is that you can drag files from one tab to another. Simply drag the file from the Finder tab into the tabbed area at the top, and wait for it to click over to that tab. Now drag and drop it to the area you want. This is a great way to quickly move files from one part of Mac OS X Finder to another.

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Launchpad sparkles

It might be time to revisit the Launchpad if you haven’t done so in a while. One neat new feature is that new apps sparkle when installed on the Launchpad, making them easier to locate.

Mavericks Launchpad Sparkles

Activity Monitor energy

One for the geeks, but a great one. Open the Activity Monitor (in the Utilities folder) and tap on the new Energy tab. This enables you to view the energy usages of different apps and processes. Becoming familiar with this part of Activity MOnitor is a great way to eke out the most battery performance from a Mac.

While you're there you might want to test out the new System Diagnostics too (click the Settings cog in Activity monitor and choose System Diagnostics). This is a new tool to determine problems on your Mac.

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Mavericks Activity Monitor

Get Safari gestures back in Mavericks

If you’ve find Safari a little more unruly since the upgrade. Some people have noted that the upgrade has turned off their Magic Mouse gestures in Safari (particularly the one where you can swipe left and right to go back and forth between pages).

The upgrade simply seems to have turned this feature off. You can turn it back on in System Preferences:

  • Go to System Preferences > Mouse > More Gestures and tick Swipe Between Pages.

Do this and Safari will be back to its usual self.

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