Please note: This article currently applies to Windows machines only. Click here to read how to downgrade iTunes 11 to iTunes 10 on Mac OS X.

Reader Wes sent me this simple plea:

"I recently downloaded the new iTunes 11. I want to go back to the last version. Is there a way?"

I can relate to that desire, Wes. The new iTunes not only has an overhauled interface that some users simply won't warm to, but also eliminates some key features that some users will no doubt miss (like the song de-duper).

Indeed, as I wrote last week, iTunes 11 has no visible sidebar, though at least it's easy to restore. Ultimately, some users may just prefer to stick with old faithful--in this case iTunes 10.

Visiting Apple's Web site won't do you any good; the only option there now is iTunes 11. You could, however, poke around your Downloads folder to see if you have version 10 in there somewhere.

If not, head to, a site that plays host to old versions of hundreds of programs--iTunes included.

Just click that latter link, then scroll way down until you see all the different versions of iTunes 10. Most likely you'll want iTunes 10.6.3 (either 32- or 64-bit--make sure to get the proper version), which was the last one before Apple released iTunes 11.

Needless to say, you'll want to fully uninstall iTunes 11 before reinstalling that old version; the two can't co-exist.

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