A software update to the HomePod has made it possible to place a call directly from the speaker, without even needing to touch your iPhone.

Prior to the update it was possible to hand over a call to the speaker - but you first needed to place it, or accept it, on your iPhone. Now you can cut out the iPhone altogether.

Here's how...

How to phone someone using the HomePod

There are a couple of ways to place a call. Either:

Say: Hey Siri, call [name]

Say: Hey Siri, dial 01234 567890 [speaking the numbers out loud]

Siri will ask you to confirm that it is about to call the correct person.

When you have finished the call, just say, “Hey Siri hang up.”

How to answer a call on HomePod

If your phone rings you can now answer it directly on your HomePod.

When you hear your iPhone ringing just say: “Hey Siri, answer my iPhone”.

How to find out who called you on HomePod

If you miss a call just ask:

“Hey Siri, who called me?”

Siri will reply, telling you that “Your most recent call was from [name/number]”.

If you need to know about other calls you would have to check your iPhone though.

How to move a call from HomePod to iPhone

If you are talking to someone via the HomePod but want to head out, away from your HomePod, you can switch the call back to the iPhone.

Just tap the Audio tab, which will reveal various options for where to take the call, including iPhone, Speaker (for the internal speaker in your iPhone), your Watch (if you have one), your Mac (if it's set up to receive calls), and the HomePod (assigened the name associated with its location).

Just tap on the iPhone option to move it back to that device.

How to move a call from iPhone to HomePod

Once you are on a call you can also switch it to the HomePod in a way that’s similar to how you might switch to headphones or the speaker in your iPhone.

This time choose the HomePod option (ours is named Office after the room the HomePod is kept in).

Why can’t I make a call on HomePod?

If your HomePod won’t make a call it probably hasn’t been updated to HomePod OS12. Here’s how to update your HomePod software.

Prior to the HomePod OS12 update, if you asked “Hey Siri, call [name]” Siri would respond: “I can’t help you with calls on HomePod.”

For more information about the new features OS12 bought to the HomePod read: New HomePod features.