The iPhone is easy to use, but if you are new to smartphones, we cover the basics here.

How to open apps on the iPhone

The home screen is where your apps live.

Tap on an app icon to launch that app.

How to add apps to the Dock

The Dock is the bar at the bottom of the screen where four icons sit. You can choose which icons sit here. These four icons will appear on every home screen.

To move an app icon into the Dock press the icon until it starts to jump around and then drag it to the dock. You can have four icons in the dock. If you want to remove one just press and hold it until it jiggles and then drag it onto the home screen.

How to move apps around

To move apps around press and hold on one app until they all start to jump around. You can then drag and drop icons around the home screen, move them to the dock, or drag them over to another page.

You can have as many home page screens as you like, perhaps organising apps into categories with work related apps on one page, and recipe apps on another.

How to create a folder

You can also add apps to folders. To create a folder you’ll need to have two apps you want to put in the same folder. Press and hold on an app until it jiggles then drag it on top of the other app. This move will create a folder that both apps will sit in, you can add more apps to this folder over a number of screens within the folder.

How to use Spotlight to find an app

If you can’t find an icon for an app on your home screen you can search for it using Spotlight. To access Spotlight drag down from just below the top of the iPhone screen (not the very top of the screen as that opens Notification Centre). You can enter a search term into the Search bar here.

In this screen you can also see Siri App Suggestions of apps you recently opened or apps you frequently use. This is a quick way to jump to that app.

How to jump to an app via the multi-tasking screen

Another way to jump to an app you used recently is to double press the home button and scroll through the different apps that are open in the background.

How to delete an app

To delete an app just press and hold until the app jiggles then press on the x in the top right of the app to delete it.

Some apps cannot be deleted this way. To find out how to remove these apps read this: How to delete or hide apps on iPhone