With the new Apple Watch straps, Apple has solved one problem and created a new one (and perhaps an even bigger one). Anyone who wants to wear the new bracelets now has to find out which size is right for him or her. Here’s how to find out which watch strap is right for you.

I was only recently wondering why Apple wasn’t offering silicone wristbands with fewer holes. Because while your waistband might get a little tighter the wrist is not a part of the body where you tend to quickly gain or lose weight. There is basically no need to wear a seven-hole Apple Watch bracelet. Two or three holes would do it too - provided they are in the right place to wear the Apple Watch tighter or looser. Of course the problem is that Apple isn’t only making the watch with my wrist in mind, those holes are there to meet the requirements of all shapes and sizes of wrist.

As if they had read my mind, on 15 September Apple presented new stretchable silicone and braided polyester yarn bracelets - without any holes. They look chic, but make the purchase decision a little more complicated. Not only are you spoiled for choice when it comes to colours, you also have to clarify which size you need to buy so that the watch fits perfectly on your wrist. 

Apple has introduced seven new Solo Loops silicone bracelets: Pink Citrus, Deep Navy, Ginger, Cyprus Green, White, Black and Product Red.

The Braided Solo Loops are available in Inverness Green, Charcoal, Pink Punch, Atlantic Blue, and Product Red.

All Solo Loops are available in nine different sizes. Apple divides bracelets for the 40mm watch into sizes 1 to 9, while solo loops for the 44mm version are categorised into sizes 4 to 12. Now the question arises: which size is the right one? 

How to find our your size

A personal visit to the nearest Apple Store is the best way to find out which bracelet size is most comfortable for you. But if you want to save yourself the trip, you can easily find this out at home and then order the bracelet online.

  1. Select a bracelet of your choice and then click on Determine size.
  2. You will be taken to a website from which you can download a form.
  3. Print out the document. Apple advises that one should be careful to print the sheet at 100% size.
  4. Cut out the form and wrap it around your wrist to determine your size.

"The number between the arrows is your bracelet size," explains Apple. 

The solo loops are not cheap, the simpler Solo Loop costs £49/$49, while the Braided Solo Loop is £99/$99.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.