Google Maps is increasingly popular with iPhone users, but most could be getting more out of it than they are currently. The app has an offline feature that lets you carry on navigating even in areas with no mobile signal, but you need to remember to set it up before you need it.

The offline maps provided by Google let you access driving directions and points of interest, but they will not provide walking directions.

If you don't already have Google Maps installed on your phone then get it free from the App Store.

How to use Google Maps Offline Mode on an iPhone 

  1. Launch Google Maps on your iPhone
  2. The map should open to your local area. Use the search function if you are looking to save an offline map for a different area
  3. Tap the menu button at the top of the screen and choose Offline areas
  4. You should see two options: Local map and Custom map
  5. Choose Local map to save an offline map of your current location
  6. Choose Custom map to select a different area
  7. Tap Download

Note that you can save some storage space by zooming into only the specific area you need.

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