When iPhones first arrived, having the 'Sent from my iPhone' message at the end of every email was not only a novelty but also something of a status symbol. Now, with so many people sporting Apple smartphones, you might feel that you want something else as your sign-off.

Well, it's incredibly easy to change this on both iPhones and iPads, allowing you to enter whatever preferred wisdom floats your boat. In this article we show you the steps you need to take to remove or edit your Mail signature.

Changing the 'Sent from my iPhone' message

You can either change the 'Sent...' message to something else or remove it completely if you choose. The method is the same for both options.

Open Settings, then scroll down until you find Mail. Tap it, then scroll down again until you find Signature. Tap this and you'll be presented with three options.

The top two ask whether you want the message to appear on All Accounts or Per Account. The default is for all, so if you have multiple emails account setup in Mail (for example, Gmail, iCloud and Hotmail) then the message will be at the bottom of all emails sent from them.

To change the message tap on the box beneath the two options in which you'll currently see 'Sent from my iPhone'.

How to remove 'Sent from my iPhone' in Mail: Settings

The keyboard should appear, so delete the message and replace it with one of your own. When you've finished tap the Mail button at the top of the page. Now, when you send a message in Mail you should see your new signature at the bottom.

Should you want different messages for different email addresses, tap the Per Account option and you'll see multiple text boxes appear, one for each account set up on your device.

How to remove 'Sent from my iPhone' in Mail: Signature

Finally, enter the signatures you want for each account, tap Mail, and you should be good to go.

Changing the 'Sent from my iPad' message

The steps for changing the 'Sent...' message is the same for iPad as it is on iPhone. Open the Settings app, scroll the left column down until you find the Mail option, then select it. In the main panel find the Signature option and tap it to open the window with two settings at the top - All Accounts and Per Account - and a text box underneath.

How to remove 'Sent from my iPhone' in Mail: iPadOS

In the text box you'll see 'Sent from my iPad'. Simply tap on this, enter a new message, then tap anywhere outside the box to save the new entry.

If you want to have individual messages for each of your email addresses (provided you have multiple ones), choose the Per Account option and enter each signature in the relevant box.

How to remove 'Sent from my iPhone' in Mail: iPad signature

That's it. Now, whenever you send an email from the Mail app you should see the new signature automatically appear at the foot of the message.

If you also want to change the name that your recipients see when reading an email from you, take a look at How to change email sender name in Apple Mail.