If you're experiencing problems with your AirPods, such as strange battery drains or intermittent audio, it could be that they need resetting. Yes, the classic 'turning it off and on again' as sung in unison by IT support technicians the world over.

But how can you do this on a device that has nary a button in sight? In this article we show you the quick way to reboot your wireless earbuds.

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Manually resetting your AirPods

Since their introduction in September 2016, AirPods have gone on to be a huge success for Apple, with the majority of reviews heaping praise on the earbuds for their simplicity and reliability.

Our own Lewis Painter remarked in his AirPods review, "Sound quality is excellent, the auto play/pause function is great, the accuracy of the Siri controls is a pleasant surprise and call quality is impressive."

Of course, this can feel a bit frustrating to read if your AirPods won't connect to your iPhone, or the charge lasts for less time than it normally would.

It should be a case of just opening the charging case and letting the Apple software do its thing. But, if this isn't the situation for you, there's a quick method you can try to get things back on track.

How to reset AirPods

On your iPhone go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the option for your AirPods. From the menu that appears select Forget This Device.

Place the AirPods into the charging case, close the lid, then wait for around 15-20 seconds. The muttering of incantations is entirely optional at this point.

When sufficient time has passed, open the lid once more, then press and hold the setup button on the back of the case. The status light should flash an amber colour a few times, then start flashing white.

Now, hold your iPhone close to the case and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Hopefully your AirPods should connect without issue.

What to do if your AirPods won't charge

Before making a trip to the genius bar to get your AirPods looked at, here are some simple checks you can try.

First, ensure that all of your cables are firmly connected and that the charging case and its supplied charger are plugged in correctly. Next, place your AirPods in the charging case, again being careful that they are seated correctly.

How to reset AirPods: Charging case

Try charging the case for around 15 minutes. After this, but while still keeping the charger connected and the AirPods inside, open the lid and hold the case close to your iPhone.

Wait a couple of seconds and you should see the AirPods status windows appear. Look to see if there is a charging icon (the little lightning bolt) next to the AirPods.

How to reset AirPods: Status window

If not, you might have a hardware problem that requires technical assistance. In this case, contact Apple Support to arrange an appointment.

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