Mavericks brings with it a new version of Safari. The first thing you’ll notice is that Top Sites has been redesigned. It’s now easier to add pages and rearrange the view to your liking. There’s also a new-look sidebar that grants access to Bookmarks, Reading List, and a new Shared Links section where you will find links your friends are sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can peruse these articles in a scrollable Reading List format and retweet them. Safari also includes performance improvements designed to make it faster, more reliable and more secure. There are also new features designed to remember your passwords without compromising security.

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12 tips to help you get to know Safari

1. To view the Sidebar, click the open book icon in your Favourites bar, below the back arrow icon, or press cmd-L.

Q: How do I see shared links in Safari? 

2. Any posts that contain hyperlinks are displayed in the Shared Links list. If you can’t see them, go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts and make sure your social accounts are linked to OS X. To add Twitter, for example, select Twitter and add your user name and password. You can also add your Linked In details to view links shared via LinkedIn.

3. Your Shared Links sidebar will show posts displayed with the most recent item at the top. You’ll see who posted the link, the text of the post, and where the link was shared – Twitter or Linked In, for example. There’s no Facebook yet, though. Click anywhere on the post to view the article in your browser window. 

4. Safari offers a continuous scrolling option when you’re reading articles in your Reading List or via Shared Links – when you get to the end of an article continue to scroll down and you’ll go straight to the next article.

Q: Continuous scroling isn't working for me in Safari. What's wrong? 

If scrolling down at the bottom of the page doesn't load the next page this may be because you have a wired mouse rather than a track pad. The Continuous scrolling appears to only work with Apple's track pads. 

5. As you read a story, the original post remains at the top of the page so you can remind yourself who shared it. Beside that you’ll find a Retweet button. 

Q: My Shared Links pane isn't updating, how do I refresh Twitter links in Safari? 

6. The only way to refresh your Shared Links pane appears to be to close and reopen the Sidebar, or choose View > Update Shared Links. Unfortunately links don’t update automatically, nor are Links time stamped, so it’s not clear how old they are. 

7. It’s easy to add a new article to your Reading List – click the plus (+) button integrated into the Search bar and watch the animation that shows the icon of the site you are visiting fly into your Bookmarks icon. If you click and hold this plus (+) button, you’ll see a list of options so you can add it to your Favourites Bar or Top Sites, along with other folders you may have set up. 

8. The old Safari Reader view has also been redesigned. It’s now rendered as a separate page rather than a hover page.

9. If you want to move your Bookmarks around the Bookmarks Bar, you can drag and drop them. If you want to organise them further, you can create a folder by selecting the plus (+) at the bottom of the left-hand column, creating the folder and dragging Bookmarks into that. If you click on a folder, you can see or hide its contents. To delete a Bookmark, right-click and choose Delete; and to rename it, click and hold until it becomes editable. 

Q: How can I see more Top Sites in Safari? 

10. The new Top Sites interface, accessible by selecting the Top Sites icon in the favourites bar, presents you with six, 12 or 24 of your favourite sites in a grid. To choose how many site you view here go to Safari > Preferences > General and choose how many Top Sites are shown in this tile format. You can move web page tiles around by dragging and dropping into the position you choose. Choose to ‘Pin’ a site into this list by selecting the pushpin icon or click on ‘x’ to delete it from Top Sites. 

11. There are a bunch of under-the-hood improvements that make Safari faster and your Mac run better. Wondering how you can catch these in action? One way is to relegate Safari to the background, when it’s not being viewed any power hogging applications will stop running. Another way you may catch these new technologies in action is that on some occasions Apple will stop a plug-in from loading unless you click it. 

Q: How do I stop Safari loading Flash?

12. Manage which web pages can load Flash plug-ins by visiting Preferences > Security > Manage Website Settings. Here you can see every browser plug-in being used by your system and a list of sites that have loaded it. You can turn it off on a per-site basis. This is handy, because where you will want YouTube to load Flash, you may prefer not to see Flash video playing on other sites.

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