Apple's hidden an invitation in the invite to the 10 November 'One More Thing' event. If you open the event web page on Apple’s site on an iPhone or iPad you can see an AR animation of an Apple logo that will appear in the room in front of you when viewed through the iPhone screen.

The Apple logo will start off flat on the floor before opening like a laptop lid, shining a rainbow of colours as if they are coming from a prism.

It uses the same technology you may be familiar with from the various Google AR animals and dinosaurs that can be viewed if you search in Google. Our colleagues wrote about how to get AR animals and AR dinosaurs on your phone camera. 

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Here's how to see the Apple logo AR animation

  1. Visit this Apple web page on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on the Apple logo in the centre of the illustration
  3. This will open the AR viewer. Wait while the image loads up.
  4. You will need to move your phone around so that it can assess the room and work out where the floor and other things are. AR Logo Apple Event
  5. Eventually the Apple logo will appear. Watch it open up and shine the colourful lights on your furniture.

What does it mean?

Well we think that the AR Apple logo opens like a laptop lid, so it seems a pretty clear indication that laptops will be unveiled at the 10 November event.