Reviews are a very important way for developers to get their apps noticed amidst the vast selection available on the App Store. Sadly, this can lead to an annoying tendency for some to ask for favourable reviews, and continue to do so even when you've said you don't want to write one.

There is a way to prevent these bothersome entreatments, though, thanks to a setting in iOS 11 (it's also available in the new iOS 12 update). We show you the easy way to stop iPhone apps asking for reviews.

Preventing review requests

When developers create apps for iOS they are expected to adhere to Apple's specific design requirements. Within these is an expectation to honour settings the user enables on their device. Because of this, you're able to disable review requests and they should obey that stipulation.

Of course, this comes with the caveat that it will work only if the developer has decided to properly comply with all the regulations. Should this not be the case, then it might be worth punishing the naughty developer by removing the app and giving it a much less enthusiastic review than it might have hoped to receive.

To prevent apps from requesting reviews, go to Settings and then scroll down until you find the option for iTunes & App Store.

Tap this and scroll again until you find the option In-App Ratings & Reviews. If the button is enabled the toggle switch should be showing green. To disable the option, and thus bring an end to the tyranny of review requests, tap the toggle so it turns white.

how to prevent iphone apps asking fore reviews

Now, if all goes well, you should stop seeing the annoying popup boxes asking you to share your thoughts about the app.

A word on reviews

Another way to rid yourself of these troublesome requests is to actually leave a review. This might seem something of a hassle, but if you do find the app useful, fun, or enjoyable in any way then it can be very gratifying for the person or team who worked on it to see some kind words.

Furthermore, the more good reviews an app receives, the greater the chances that other people will take a chance on downloading it, which in turn increases the chances of the developers continuing to support and improve the product.

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