Fresh from his success in Aquaman, Jason Momoa returns to the smaller screen with a new fantasy TV show called See. As part of the new Apple TV+ service, See joins The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Opera's Book Club and several other new series.

So, how can you enjoy Momoa's latest effort? In this article we show how to access Apple TV+ and what you'll need to watch the show.

What is See?

600 years from now, life on Earth has returned to a primitive, tribal state due to a virus wiping out most of humankind and leaving the survivors blind. Many believe this action was the work of God, to cleanse the Earth. At the start of the show, however, two babies are born with their sight intact. Is it hope for the future, as Momoa and the majority of his tribe believe, or a final nail in the coffin of humanity as thought by the religious elders?

One faction vows to protect the infants at all costs, while the other believes they must be sacrificed to prevent the annihilation of the species. Which will prevail? You'll have to watch See to find out.

Here's the trailer for the show to give you a taste of what's to come, and we've also got the latest See season 2 news if that's your cup of tea.

How can I watch See?

As See is one of the exclusive new shows on Apple TV+, you'll need a subscription to the service in order to watch it. This costs £4.99/$4.99 per month and you can sign up on the Apple Store's Apple TV+ page or through the Apple TV app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The company has also announced that it will include a year's free subscription to the service when customers purchase a new Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV, so if you've been considering upgrading any of your Apple technology this could be the added bonus that helps you click that buy button.

When will See episode 4 become available?

Tomorrow! Only the first three episodes are available at launch but one further episode will be added every Friday.

  • Episode 4: 8 November
  • Episode 5: 15 November
  • Episode 6: 22 November
  • Episode 7: 29 November
  • Episode 8: 6 December

On which devices can I watch Apple TV+?

Unlike Netflix and many of the other popular streaming services, Apple's new offering is somewhat restricted in how you can enjoy the content. Of course you can use the aforementioned Apple TV app on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or (so long as you update to macOS Catalina) your Mac, plus there's also the good news that the app is now available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV streaming devices.

Certain smart TVs from LG, Sony, Samsung and others will also have support for the service, either through the app itself or the ability to receive streamed content from your iOS/iPadOS/macOS device via AirPlay 2, but the list is extremely limited at the moment. You can check to see the current lineup in our Which TVs work with the Apple TV app and AirPlay? guide.

How does Apple TV+ compare to other services?

Apple TV+ only launched on 1 November 2019, so it's very new in comparison to established services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With this in mind, viewers may find that the selection of content is limited in comparison.

Apple has stated that new shows will be added each month to Apple TV+, so it might not be too long before it catches up. In the meantime you can see what's on offer by reading What's on Apple TV? or our Apple TV+ vs Netflix and Apple TV+ vs Amazon Prime Video comparison reviews.