According to a report on Chinese blog CPCW, 10 Foxconn workers died following the rioting at the factory where Apple’s iPhone and iPad is constructed.

CPCW claims that its report is based on a report by the Xinhua News Agency based on information from the Taiyuan Public Security department.

However, Foxconn has denied that there were any fatalities. “We can confirm that there have been no employee deaths related to the incident which took place at an employee dormitory in Taiyuan last night. Reports to the contrary are inaccurate,” the company said in a statement, claims MIC Gadget.

Workers are claiming that the mass riot was the result of an escalating brawl between assembly line workers and security guards.

When Sunday's fight broke out, hundreds of workers from nearby dormitories came to watch as the crowd eventually erupted into a riot targeting company security guards. This led to destruction of cars and store windows on the Foxconn campus.

The Taiyuan facility employs 79,000 workers, and manufactures the iPhone 5, according to labor protection group China Labor Watch.

On Tuesday Foxconn reopened its campus. There had been concerns that the riots could impact Apple’s ability to maintain already constrained supplies of the iPhone 5.

Rights abuses

Activist Debby Chan has been calling attention to the labor rights abuses at Foxconn, writes Cnet. Her group, SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior) have published a report called "New iPhones, old abuses," in which she highlights “labour rights abuses” at Foxconn. Describing workers there are iSlaves.

She told Cnet: "Most of the workers feel hopeless when you ask them about work pressures. They'll say, 'Everywhere, it's the same.'"

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