Apple's transition from Intel to its own M-family processors in the Mac range is taking a while, and one of the results is that right now, some Macs look a lot less up to date than others.

The 24in iMac, for example, was launched last spring, and is a fully signed-up member of the M1 revolution; but the larger iMac model is still chugging along with an Intel processor and AMD graphics. The result is a whirl of rumours about when Apple will get round to updating the 27in iMac, with pundits predicting more powerful processors, possibly a larger screen (30in or even 32in have been suggested), and a launch some time in 2022.

Now comes information from the analyst and display specialist Ross Young, whose sources claim that Apple plans to release the new iMac as early as early 2022, and that it will continue with a 27in screen rather than bumping up the size. (He initially wrote that the prediction referred to a new cheaper external monitor, but corrected himself soon after.)

The screen may not be bigger, but there will be other improvements to tempt upgraders. Young claims the screen will use the same mini-LED technology as the new MacBook Pro, bringing a 120Hz refresh rate, high brightness and OLED-like contrast to the table.

Young hasn't made a lot of Apple predictions, but the ones he has made have been impressively accurate. In fact, at time of writing he has an enviable accuracy rating of 100% on AppleTrack, albeit based on just six rumours. So we can treat this latest claim with some respect.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation (using DeepL) and additional reporting by David Price.