A boy has racked up a £1,700 bill from in-app purchases on his iPad, Apple has joined 60 other companies to back gay marriage, Google's Chromebook adverts appear to copy Apple's product ads, and an entrepreneur has unveiled a urine analysis app.

Here, we bring you the remains of the day for the first day of March. 

Boy racks up £1,700 bill from in-app purchases on iPad

A 5-year-old boy unwittingly spent £1,700 of his parent's money by downloading in-app purchases on a free-to-play iPad game.

Danny Kitchen was playing Zombies vs Ninja when he asked his dad for the password to the family iTunes account. Mum Sharon Kitchen told the Daily Mail: "On Sunday afternoon, Danny asked my husband for the passcode… I recall my husband saying, 'No- what is it for?' and Danny said, 'It's okay, it's a few one, dad'. So my husband keyed in the passcode."

However, Zombies vs Ninja has in-app purchases, so the passcode gave Danny the ability to download them. For 90,000 darts or 333 bombs, players can download a £69.99 in-app item. Danny downloaded the in-app purchase 19 times in just 10 minutes.

Apple has since refunded the full amount, but reminded Mr Kitchen of the built-in parental controls that allow parents to turn off in-app purchases.

Apple backs gay marriage

Apple is reportedly one of 60 companies to have signed a filing aiming to urge the US Supreme Court to back gay marriage nationwide.

Bloomberg reports that justices will hear arguments on 26 March as they debate the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, which barred gay marriage in 2008 after being voted on by the public. Apple opposed the proposition at the time.

Other publicly traded companies backing gay marriage as part of the filing include eBay, Nike, Oracle, Panasonic, Qualcomm and Zynga.

Google Chromebook ads look a lot like Apple's

As noted by Business Insider, Google's new Chromebook Pixel adverts look very similar to Apple's ads.

The similarities include the length of the adverts, as well as the use of product managers to narrate the advert, and even down to the clothes they wear.

Google has also used similar words to describe its new touchscreen laptop as Apple does in its ads, such as "delightful" and "amazing".

Google's new adverts also zoom into the device as it rotates to show every angle of the product, in a very similar way to Apple.

You can watch the advert below:

'Urine analysis? There's an app for that'

A Mumbai-based entrepreneur demonstrated a urine analysing iPhone app during the TED conference this week. 

Myshkin Ingawale's UChek app uses the iPhone's camera to take pictures of test strips that are then analysed to offer results that inform the user how much glucose, protein, ketones etc can be found in their urine.

"The idea is to get people closer to their own information," said Ingawale. "I want people to better understand what is going on with their bodies."

According to Ingawale, the app is currently awaiting approval from Apple. An Android version of the app is also in the works but is more difficult to develop, he said.

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