With the hype machine for Apple's iPhone 6 in full swing, and the iPhone 6 expected to be unveiled at the Apple event scheduled for 9 September, the gossip mill has been in overdrive, churning out various theories and guesses about everything from potential features to a concrete iPhone 6 release date. Some of these iPhone 6 rumours are more likely than others, however, and we've collected some of the more outlandish for your enjoyment. Listed below, then, are the 7 most ridiculous iPhone 6 rumours.

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Wraparound screen

7 most ridiculous iPhone 6 rumours

Apple has patented the concept of wraparound screens, inspiring fans and designers to create numerous renders of the proposed technology in action. The principal purpose of this feature would be a larger edge-to-edge display, but could also be used to place inputs on the side of the phone, such as unlock sliders or share buttons.

While this is a neat idea, the potential for accidentally activating side-mounted inputs makes it seem too unwieldy for appear in the iPhone, and we doubt the technology is anything like advanced enough to handle it, not to mention the dent it would make in the booming third-party case market (as presumably a case would stop these controls from working). The numerous leaks of the iPhone 6’s Sapphire Glass display also suggest that this particular rumour is likely dead in the water.

Wireless charging

7 most ridiculous iPhone 6 rumours

Another of Apple’s numerous patents is for wireless charging, including the providing of power to ‘any of a number of suitably configured devices’ in a given area. Anyone who has had to juggle multiple chargers and limited sockets will be excited by this prospect, and wireless charging technology is slowly becoming a reality.

Unfortunately, the patent was filed in 2009, and wireless charging seems to be no closer to inclusion in Apple’s devices. Even Apple’s strictly enforced secrecy can only stretch so far, and an innovation of this magnitude would surely have leaked by now.

Face-recognition unlock

Security seems to be an area in which Apple likes to innovate, with the iPhone 5s sporting a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device. In similar fashion, sources are reporting that the iPhone 6 will use the front-facing camera for facial recognition, remaining obstinately locked unless you are an ‘authorised user’.

This technology has been available through third-party apps for years, in addition to iPhoto's existing face recognition capability. However, the fact that the TouchID fingerprint scanner included in the last iteration of the iPhone already upgraded security considerably makes this look unlikely. It would also demand a not-insubstantial amount of processing power, and would make day-to-day use needlessly long and tedious.

Lightning headphones

7 most ridiculous iPhone 6 rumours

It’s safe to assume that Apple’s Lightning port, seen on all Apple devices since the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, will also be used on the iPhone 6. However, some sources have speculated that the headphones will also use the Lightning port. Ostensibly designed to allow better audio quality, this means that only Apple-licensed peripherals would work with the iPhone 6.

While forced hardware exclusivity is definitely Apple’s business model, using the same port for headphones and chargers seems incredibly inconvenient, especially if you want to listen to your iPhone via headphones while it was charging or plugged into your Mac. Apple traditionally prides itself on the user-friendly nature of its products, and a setup like this would go against that reputation too much for them to get behind it. Read more about the rumours about Apple's plans for lightning headphones.

Blood pressure/heart rate monitoring

Another headphone-related rumour floating around the web is that Apple will use iOS 8's inbuilt Health app in conjunction with earbuds that can monitor biometric data such as heart rate and blood pressure. This would go towards making the iPhone a total fitness companion.

The technology exists to make this possible, but its inclusion in Apple’s standard headphones looks unlikely. If Apple are planning a simultaneous release of the iPhone 6 and the rumoured iWatch, it makes no sense for them to undercut the fitness tracking abilities of the iWatch (one of its main selling points) with a product that performs the same function.


7 most ridiculous iPhone 6 rumours

This rumour that Apple might enhance the iPhone's gaming functionality picked up a lot of traction earlier this year as part of a concept render made by designer Sahanan Yogarasa. It features a controller peripheral that the iPhone 6 slots into, complete with D-pad, buttons and analog sticks. The big features though, are the twin projectors – one at the front, to project your game on a wall or screen, and one facing the player which projects a holographic keypad.

There are already multiple third-party controllers for iOS devices, however, and Apple hasn’t shown any interest in jumping on that particular bandwagon, other than by offering the streaming of iOS games to Apple TV. Read more about the next version of the Apple TV which some think will offer games here

Illuminated Apple logo

One of the more persistent rumours is that the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 will light up, alerting the user to incoming calls, messages and similar. There have even been leaked photos of cases featuring a circular aperture that reveals the logo, similar to the way that the Apple logo on the back of an Apple MacBook lights up.

Of course, there are also current-generation cases that feature similar cutouts, and given that a bad battery life is one of the principal problems of the iPhone (and other smartphones), Apple devoting any of the iPhone’s precious juice to a superfluous feature seems a little far-fetched. Read how to save iPhone battery life here.

Flexible screen

Patent applications suggest that Apple have been batting this one around for a few years, and it’s no secret they’re working on the technology. Many of the major brands have unveiled phones with flexible screens that allow buttons to be formed spontaneously, with Samsung even presenting a fully-flexible concept model at CES 2014.

Even though the capacity exists to manufacture bendy screens, they still have to be bonded to the non-bendy rest of the phone. Additionally, the aforementioned Sapphire Glass, which looks all but certain to be one of the principal upgrades to the iPhone 6, is not one of the more flexible varieties.

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