With the release of Adobe GoLive CS and the inclusion of the application in the CS bundle, Adobe makes a strong case for Web designers to take another look at the product. Tighter integration with other Adobe products and feature enhancements to GoLive make it an attractive package for Web designers.

GoLive CS continues to makes use of Smart Objects, giving users the ability to place native Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat files directly in the layout and site-management windows, automatically creating a compressed version of the file for use on the Web. GoLive also tracks changes made to the original file and updates the optimized version automatically.

Integration between InDesign and GoLive gives designers the ability to bring print pages to the Web more easily with a "Package for GoLive" feature in InDesign. This feature transfers all of a publication’s design and textual elements to GoLive, allowing you to convert image assets to Smart Objects and map textual tags to CSS styles.

For the new Web designer, or a pro user that wants to add pre-packaged elements to a Web page, Adobe will include 80 page layouts for e-commerce, commercial and Section 508-compliant Web sites. (Section 508 is legislation that requires Federal agencies' information technology to be accessible to disabled persons.) You can also one of the dozens of pre-made CSS styles, JavaScript functions and PHP applications included with GoLive CS.

With GoLive CS, you can now create parent-child relationships between palettes and organize them according to how you work. You can also save space by placing your palettes on either side of your workspace.

With the proliferation of CSS in Web sites, Adobe has built a new CSS editor in GoLive CS, which allows you to design your own styles using a visual interface. When you select a text block in Layout Mode, you can preview internal and external CSS styles in a pop-up window, and then apply them.

Other enhancements to GoLive CS include Quality, security, and accessibility testing with WebXACT; Code completion; Visual JavaScript authoring; Source Code Smart Selection; Team collaboration; XHTML support; MMS Support; and QuickTime interactive authoring.

A standalone version of GoLive CS costs £335 (£393 including VAT); upgrade £139 (£163 inc. VAT).

Read the December 2003 issue of Macworld (on-sale October 23) for full reviews of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.

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