Adobe has at last provided codes that enable UK freelance photography members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to join its photography directory.

Adobe's photography directory is a resource that's available from within Photoshop and InDesign and is supported by Adobe Bridge. The directory provides access to work and contact details for photographers, and was launched in conjunction with some of the world's largest photo agencies.

The directory is searchable by city, state and country as well as by photography specialty. It can be accessed directly via the Favorites tab in Adobe Bridge located in Creative Suite 2 and Photoshop CS2. The Adobe Photographers' Directory will also be available on and Adobe Studio.

In order to join the directory, NUJ members must contact the NUJ Freelance Office, secure an authentication cod,e and visit the directory website. Once the code is entered in the 'Become a member' field, photographers can begin to create their entry, after which they can begin to upload images to their site.

The Adobe deal was organised by the NUJ's Freelance branch.

Adobe's decision to enable UK freelance photographers to join the directory reflects its original commitment for the same. The company launched the service in conjunction with professional photography associations and major image libraries, but said: "Adobe is aware that there are many photographers who are not members of a professional association; therefore we will also be working with the industry to find ways to create a directory that truly reflects the composition of the professional photography community."