The base software in the AirPods Pro has been updated again. It isn't currently clear why Apple has done this, but the update is likely to include big fixes and may affect the headphones' active noise cancellation feature.

The AirPods Pro are now on version 2D15. This is their third update since coming out in October 2019: 2B588 was released in November, and 2C54 came in mid-December but was withdrawn shortly afterwards. AppleInsider notes that users who received the update to 2C54 complained, among other things, of poor bass noise reduction.

There is currently no way to force AirPods Pro to update the software. However, as long as the headphones are paired with an iOS device and loaded in their case, the update should be installed by itself.

You can see which version you've got by opening the Settings app on the paired iPhone and going to General > About > [Your name's] AirPods Pro.

If you're experiencing sound issues, it's also worth reading about Apple's AirPods Pro replacement programme to see if your pair is covered.

This article first appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.