There are lots of rumours right now suggesting that Apple will soon unveil the AirTag - a tracking device that you can attach to various products and later locate them using the Find My app. Now a Twitter post shows operating instructions and more design details.

A Twitter post from @caleblin_apple has revealed what they claim are pictures of the operating instructions for the long-rumoured Apple AirTags. Along with the AirTags is an image of the AirPower charging mat, despite Apple’s claims that they are no longer developing the product.

The pictures show an AirTag, an AirPower charging mat and, apparently, an Apple Watch charger, suggesting that rather than the AirTag using a coin battery, it will be wirelessly chargeable.

Previously rumours had suggested that the AirTag would have a removable battery that would be accessible to the user through a flap on the underside of the AirTag, similar to the earlier Apple TV remotes. If these leaks are accurate, it suggests that Apple is installing a rechargeable battery in the AirTags.

Another illustration shows how the AirTag can be attached to a keyring, however, the poster suggests it’s just a placeholder because the text doesn’t seem to match up with the image.

Via AppleInformed.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.