We're not exactly sure what Apple will announce at its One More Thing event tonight. But we're pretty sure of two things: there will be new Macs, and there won't be new AirPods - although we'd love to be wrong on that second one.

The big question, then, is this: can Apple do a whole event entirely about Macs? And if it does, will anyone care?

One candidate for non-Mac announcement of the evening - the One More Thing, if you will - is the AirTag, a rumoured Apple product that will target the object-tracker market currently dominated by Tile. You'll be able to attach AirTags to important items such as your wallet or your keys, then track their location using the Find My app.

The latest piece of evidence to suggest AirTags will arrive tonight comes in the form of a tweeted photo from the prolific and generally reliable leaker Fudge. "Potentially AirTag carrying accessory in Saddle Brown," says Fudge, in characteristically terse style.

The image does not show the AirTag itself. Rather, it shows the brown leather holder that will contain the disc, and the metal ring that will allow it to be used to hold your keys. The ring is inscribed "Designed by Apple in California" and "Assembled in China".

It looks convincing enough - I mean, the colour is unpleasant, but that doesn't rule anything out - but it wouldn't be difficult to knock up something similar, as the leaker acknowledges. "Take it with a bit of salt," Fudge advises.

The pictured design does appear to correspond, however, with a previously spotted patent, an image of which Fudge posts for comparison. But that too doesn't prove anything: fake leaks are nearly always designed in such a way that they fit with readers' expectations.

You can read all the latest rumours about this new Apple product in our AirTags news hub. To find out if appears tonight, here's how to watch Apple's November event live.