Apple board member Al Gore has revealed details of Steve Jobs' instructions to Apple staff about how to carry on after his death in an interview at a conference in Hong Kong.

Gore talked to All Things D's Walt Mossberg in an interview at the All Things D AsiaD conference and said that he believed Jobs' greatest invention was Apple itself.

Gore also detailed Jobs' insistence that no-one should ask the question 'What would Steve do?' after his death, instead telling them to follow their 'own voice'.

"He also served on the board of Disney... and he used to talk initially about how after Walt Disney died, the company always got in trouble about asking 'what would Walt do in this situation?'. And he made it very clear 'I don’t want that'. He made it clear to Tim Cook and everyone else 'Don't ask what Steve would have done. Follow your own voice.'" Gore told Mossberg.

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Gore also talked about why Apple didn't reveal a succession plan for Jobs. "If you were running a corporation, and you had a star-studded executive team, would you really think it would be a smart thing to lay out in public, your thinking about who’s going to move to what position over the next couple years? Of course not."