On 5 January 2020, Apple closed its Sydney store for renovation. Three weeks later, all stores in China were closed due to COVID-19, and as the epidemic spread and became a pandemic, more and more stores were closed.

In the spring and into the summer, Apple began reopening stores in some countries, often with service limited to picking up orders and repairs. (At the time we wondered if visiting an Apple Store was a good idea.) By October, all stores had opened at some point since the start of the pandemic, but until this week, at any one time there was always at least one store closed for pandemic-related reasons.

Now 9to5Mac reports that the last stores have opened and today all 511 Apple stores around the world are open. In the US, Apple has fully opened its stores; in states where infection rates have dropped and restrictions have eased, the company has also begun to phase out the requirement for face masks.

Next week, Apple's 512th store, the Apple Tower Theater, will open in downtown Los Angeles.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.